Online Construction Game On Google Chrome: Crazy Rollercoaster

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Crazy Rollercoaster is a construction game available in Chrome Webstore which you can play online for free. If you are looking for a game which is interesting plus need some creativity, then this game is very suitable for you. Here you have to make your own roller coaster and design it in such a way that visitors enjoy the whole ride. You need to collect as much coins as you can. You need to be creative, smart, and try to build sensational tracks so that you can earn extra coins (thrill coins).

Update: (July 15, 2013) This game is no longer available in Chrome Web Store. You may give a try to Air HockeyCanvas Rider, and Run Robo Run; free online games for Google Chrome reviewed by us.

This game becomes more interesting level by level and you have to be creative otherwise your visitors/customers will not be able to complete the ride.

Crazy Rollercoaster 01 construction game

About Crazy Rollercoaster:

  • This is a Google Chrome app and you need to first add it to your Chrome browser. It can be added from Chrome’s Webstore. There, you need to click on add to Chrome button and a small pop up window will open up. In this window, simply click on Add button and then it will be added to your Chrome browser. Now you can access this app from your Chrome browser’s new tab. Click on this app and a new page will open. Here you can play this online construction game for free.
  • There are 30 levels in this game and you need to complete a level to jump to the higher level.
  • You need to be creative so that you can build a good track which will let your visitors have an enjoyable ride.
  • Drawing tools are available to create your own roller coaster. Select the right tool at the right place and judge your creativity yourself.
  • If you design a wrong track then you will have to pay for it i.e. level won’t get complete and you need to improve your track again.
  • You have to complete your target at any cost to move to the another level and if you want help, then there is a demo available.

Crazy Rollercoaster 02 construction game

How To Play This Construction Game:

  • It is very interesting game and needs creativity and good presence of your mind. Simply click on Start Game button to start this creative game. If you wish to mute the game volume or music, then you can do it via available icons at the top right side.
  • Now you are ready to play this game. There are no controls, just a single mouse click needed to play this game.
  • Start with level 1 by selecting it and complete it by designing a track. While playing this game, you will find the available drawing tools. These drawing tools are located at the left side as you can see in the screenshot below.
  • You can use line or freehand tool in the starting level. Build the track using these tools and if you need to erase the track, then it can also be done by the eraser. Once you have constructed the track, click the green play button. It will start the ride and if the track is perfect, then customers riding your track will enjoy the ride and finish to the end.
  • You need to collect the coins which are available in between the track. The coin bar located at the top side shows you the targeted coins which you need to collect. And a speedometer is also available to showing you the speed of ride. Achieve the target to move to the next level, and try to collect all coins so that your level will be marked as star as you can see in the above screenshot.
    Crazy Rollercoaster 03 construction game
  • As your game will progress level by level, you will get additional tools to make your roller coaster even beautiful and thrill full. Additional tools will be available at the lower side of game play. Tools such as: Jump, loop, corkscrew down, climb up etc. will be provided to you level by level.
  • Use your own creativity and design as good and interesting track as you can. Make your visitors feel happy and complete levels and finally the whole game.
    Crazy Rollercoaster 04 construction game
  • You can also jump to any previous completed level (if you wish) by just selecting a particular level. It is helpful in case your previous level is completed without star tag. You can redesign the track and can try to collect all coins to put a star tag to your level.

Crazy Rollercoaster is really an interesting game. So, if you think you have the ability to complete this game, then play this online construction game available in Google Chrome and challenge yourself. It can be added to your Chrome browser from here.


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