5 Free Pill Reminder Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 pill reminder apps for Android which you can use to never again forget to take your drugs when you need to. Sick people who need to take pills on a schedule sometimes forget to take them, or forget to take all of the meds that they need to take. Most of us have Android phones with us nowadays which can be used to remind us to take our medication.

Let’s see the app’s we found in the Google Play Store.

Lady Pill Reminder

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One situation where a pill reminder app can help a lot is with birth control pills, so it’s not just that individuals who are sick that can benefit using these types of apps.

Miss taking a birth control pill and you’ll end up in all kinds of problems. With this pill reminder app you just need to type in the time when you want to start taking pills and it will take care of calculating your schedule when pills need to be taken, and of course remind you with notifications when you need to take a pill.

Get Lady Pill Reminder.

MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder

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MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder is a general purpose pill reminder app where reminders for all kinds of medications can be setup (not just birth control).

MediSafe even comes with its own database of medications (US) that can help you in setting up the time tables when a certain drug needs to be taken. At the scheduled time, you’ll see an alarm activate with a notification telling you it’s time to take the drugs.

Get MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder.

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Dosecast – Medication Reminder

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Dosecast is a straightforward medication reminder app where you create lists of reminders, one reminder for each pill that you need to take.

Just tap on the top right corner plus button and you’ll be showed the reminder creator where the usual is setup, drug name, directions (eg. take with food), interval in which the drug needs to be taken (daily, weekly, monthly), etc. Lastly you’ll need to setup the time when the reminder is gonna notify you about taking the drugs.

Get Dosecast – Medication Reminder.

Pill Reminder by RDCT

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All the pill reminder apps that I covered until now are slightly more complicated to setup, but that’s not the case with Pill Reminder by RDCT.

Only 1 notification for taking 1 drug can be setup. What you see on the image above is the entire reminder editor. Just select the time when your medication needs to be taken and Pill Reminder will remind you daily so you don’t forget.

Get Pill Reminder.

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Med Helper Pill Reminder

pill reminder apps android 5

Med Helper Pill Reminder is the complete opposite of Pill Reminder by RDCT.

It’s not simple, it’s feature packed. Some of the things that it offers include medical logs, medical history, pharmacy and physician integration, prescription management, medication inventory management and more. Reminders can be setup with or without alarm.

Get Med Helper Pill Reminder.


The last two apps from the list, Pill Reminder by RDCT and Med Helper Pill Reminder will cover most people needs. One is simplistic the other has practically everything that you’ll ever need when it comes to managing and scheduling medication reminders. Others are also not that bad. Leave comments down below with your opinions.

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