5 Free Pill Reminder Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free pill reminder apps for iPhone. Now-a-days, we all have become so busy in our life that we can’t find time for even important things. One such thing is to take medicines on time. We are so busy that we even forget to take medicines which ultimately has adverse effects on our very own health. Considering this situation in mind, I have come up with this list of 5 free pill reminder apps for iPhone which will never let you forget to take medicines.

Lets have a look at all of them one by one:

1. RxmindMe Prescription:

RxmindMe Prescription

The first pill reminder app for iPhone is RxmindMe Prescription. The app lets you set 9 types of reminders: Daily, Weekly, Hourly, Monthly, Specific Dates, As Needed, Every X Days, and Birth Control. While adding the medicines to the reminders, you can add its name, mode of intake, form, strength, for, quantity, rx number, etc. One good feature of the app is that even if you somehow miss the reminders then it shows the number of reminders missed on the app’s icon.

Besides this, the app lets you add prescriptions, passcode to app, reschedule all the reminders, and export data in HTML or CSV format. You can choose from 6 different notification sounds for the reminders. The only minor flaw in the app is that it doesn’t let you set reminder time of your choice, instead it provides time options with 15 minutes of gap.

Get RxmindMe Prescription here.

2. Mango Health:

Mango Health

Mango Health is a very impressive pill reminder app, both in terms of performance as well as in appearance. The app has an in-built search option for adding medicines to the reminders. You just need to enter a few alphabets and app displays the medicines matching with alphabets input by you. When you have selected the medicine’s name, the app automatically assigns the medicine form, standard quantity. To set reminder, simply enter the time, date, and quantity of medicine for reminder.

You can check all your reminders from the app’s home screen in the form of tiles. The app offers you points for taking each medicine on its prescribed time. You can collect these points to redeem against gifts from the app’s store. One great feature of the app is that it sends you a message after each reminder added by you. The reminder added by you contains the information about the medicine included by you in reminder. You can read the message to know more about the medicine, its good and bad effects.

Get Mango Health here.

3. Pill Reminder by Drugs.com:

Pill Reminder by Drugs.com

The third pill reminder app in the list is Pill Reminder by Drugs.com. This app also has similar ways for adding reminders except for a few extra steps like you can add notes, name of person who has to take medicine, and add a picture of the medicine. You can also check Consumer Information, Drug Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage, Pill Identification and Pregnancy Information. You can add multiple reminders and also multiple reminder time for a single medicine. This app can also be used as Refill Reminder app. The app even lets you export medications list and history by email to anyone.

Get Pill Reminder by Drugs.com here.

4. MediSafe Medication and Pill Reminder:

MediSafe Medication and Pill Reminder

MediSafe is one of the most well designed and easy to use pill reminder app in this list. The app has a pillbox in the form of a circle which is divided in 4 quadrants: Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night. All the reminders added by you get saved to any of these quadrants on the basis of reminder’s time of day. The app even lets you add the shape and color of the medicine while creating the reminder. The best feature of the app is Med-Friends which you use only after registering with the app. Under this feature, you can add any of your friends or family member as your Med-Friends so that whenever you fail to respond to the reminder, they will be notified to remind you about the medicine.

Get MediSafe Medication and Pill Reminder here.

5. MedCoach Medication Reminder:

MedCoach Medication Reminder

MedCoach Medication Reminder is the final pill reminder app in the list. The app has all the options placed at its  home screen: Reminders, Refills, History, Medications, Doctors, Pharmacies, and Settings. You can tap on any of the option to add information about it.  In terms of medicines, you can either choose to enter the full name manually or simply use search option to look for it. The app also has PIN feature to prevent any unauthorized access.

Get MedCoach Medication Reminder here.

With this app, I conclude my list of 5 free pill reminder apps for iPhone. Use these apps and never forget any of your medicines again. Try them out and don’t forget to share the name of the app which you liked the most.

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