5 Free Medication Reminder Services

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Here is a list of 5 Free Medication Reminder Services. Using these services, you can receive alerts, to take medicine, through messages or mails. We are all so busy with our daily lives that we forget to take our medicines on time. This is a very common problem that lot of us face, and medicines obviously do not help your body if you don’t take them. These services allow you to set a reminder of all the medicines that you have to take, and then you will keep receiving alerts at the set time. You can choose to set daily, weekly, or monthly reminders depending on your medication schedule.

The free medication reminder services that I have reviewed here are dontforget.ie, Care Family, RememberItNow, Vyvanseadult, and MedicineCabinet.


dontforget.ie-medication reminder-home page

The first medication reminder service is dontforget.ie. It is a very simple to use service that sends you alert through text messages. You just have to register with the website and provide them your phone number. While registering, you have to add all the information regarding the medications you are on, and how frequently you want to receive the alerts. You can also set a time at which you want to receive an alert. After you have filled all these details, the website will send a confirmation code on your mobile number and you have to enter it in the form to finish the registration process. You will then be reminded to take your medicine at your set time. The timings and medications filled in the form can be edited at a later stage.

Try dontforget.ie here.

Care Family:

Care Family

Second medication reminder service in this list is Care Family. Care Family is a website that contains a lot of other aspects as well, apart from setting reminders. You have to begin by creating a new account, and you will find a Reminders option in your account. The website allows you to set multiple medication reminders at a time. You have to enter details like title (you can enter the medication in it), phone number, time to receive alerts and more. You can receive up to 3 alerts in a day on your phone. A very interesting feature in this process to set alerts is that you can record your personal message. You can request a permission for them to record your personal message, that you will receive at the set time.

Try Care Family here.



RememberItNow is the third service, in this list, using which you can set a medication reminder. You will have to create a free account first of all, and then opt for medication tab in your account. You can also do other things like write a journal, maintain heath charts etc. The website sends you reminder alerts on your email id and there is no option to add a phone number. You can schedule your alerts according to the number of times you have to take your medicine in a day. In your account, you can add multiple alerts at a time. While adding an alert, there are basic details that you have to fill in like medication name, time, frequency of alerts and more.

Try RememberItNow here.



Next medication reminder service is Vyvanseadult. It allows you to set multiple medication reminders by following few simple steps. You have to begin by entering your phone number and a message that you would like to receive. After that, you can choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly reminders and you are done. This is a very straightforward and simple service, wherein you do not have to create any account. But, it also lacks options like receiving multiple alerts in a day or set a particular time. One additional feature that you do get on this platform is the option to receive weekly health tips. You can opt for it alongside reminder service and give a phone number on which you would like to receive these tips.

Try Vyvanseadult here.



This is the final medication reminder service in this list. Basically it is a desktop app for Windows8 users, using which you can set reminders to take your medicine on time. You can set a time when you have to take a particular medicine and the app will pop up a notification on your screen at the specified time. You can manage your medication schedule and mark them as taken, late, missed, or more. The app compiles a list of all your medication reminders and you can view the history. Another feature in this app is that you can edit or delete a medication anytime you want.

Read the full review here.

Try MedicineCabinet here.

Use all these free medication reminder services to schedule your alerts for medications.

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