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Trinity Toolbar is an interesting Windows toolbar which will allow you to search, watch, browse Google, YouTube and Facebook, but not only that, it also allows you to listen to online radio and it comes with a nice digital watch. This Toolbar is very small, less than 2MB in size and it doesn’t put a lot of strain on the computer resources.

Trinity Toolbar default window

After installation the toolbar will place itself in the top right corner of the desktop and it will be on top of all the other items, so if you have a window open, it will be on top of it. This cannot be changed, which is a little bit annoying. Toolbar also cannot be moved, which might be annoying to some, but if you are using it, then it shouldn’t be minimized and if you don’t need it, you can just turn it off, or turn on the radio in which case the toolbar will minimize to the tray.

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Quick Google search with Trinity Toolbar

First useful little app that you can use is the Google search, directly from your desktop. Sometimes if we are just interested for quick information from Google, which we can get directly from the results, like the weather or currency rates, opening the browser can take too long, especially if there’s Trinity Toolbars quick desktop Google Search.

Trinity Toolbar Google Search

Clicking results will open up your default browser, since opening the entire website in such a small window isn’t very appealing.

Desktop YouTube Browser with Trinity toolbar

The same way that Google can be searched, you can also search YouTube videos, well not exactly search, there’s no search field, but you can choose between video that are popular in various different categories:

Trinity Toolbar YouTube browsing

You can choose between Music, Sports, Entertainment, Comedy, Film and Animation, it’s the standard YouTube menu. Again when you click on a video, actual browser will open, videos are not open in this small desktop window, which is a shame, it would be very useful to have video play on the desktop without there being any kind of browser open, just Trinity Toolbar.

Desktop Facebook browsing with Trinity Toolbar

We saved the best for last, with Trinity Toolbar you can browse Facebook directly on your desktop, without having browsers opened. In fact browser is used, the toolbar relies on IE engine, but there is no standard browser window, just a small area where you can browser your profile:

Trinity Toolbar Facebook browsing

To access your Facebook with the help of Trinity Toolbar, you will have to login into your account and allow the application access, which is the normal procedure.

Radio is also available, you can choose between several different radio stations:

  • Rock
  • Reggae
  • Alternative
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Easy Listening

While the radio plays with the toolbar minimized to lower right corner. That would be all when it comes to what the toolbar can do. One small warning though, there are ads which pop up, but only when you select an option on the toolbar, and they go away quickly. If you don’t like ads don’t use this app, but if you don’t mind ads, then definitely have a test run of Trinity Toolbar app, which allows you to do a lot of interesting things right from your desktop.

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