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According to Yahoo, Yahoo Axis is a new and innovative way of how you can search and browse the internet. The basic difference between Axis search and regular Yahoo searches is that with Axis you are being presented with search results as you type. Now you’re thinking we already have that, yes but with Axis you can do this inside a special browser window, without leaving the main page and it’s available for your desktop, as well as iPad and iPhone.

Axis default window

If you’re on desktop, when you install Axis inside your browser, it will change your homepage, and add a toolbar at the bottom of your browser window, like the one that you can see above. Yahoo Axis is installed as a browser plugin, if you are using it on desktop, or as an app if you’re on iPad or iPhone. Installation is available for all the 4 major browsers, IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome, and it’s pretty straightforward.

How to use Yahoo Axis?

If you’re wondering what it is that makes Yahoo Axis different from everything that’s available now, when you click on the bottom part of your browser window and when the toolbar expands, everything will become clear:

Axsi how toolbar looks like

Search engine used in the search field that’s present at the top of the Axis window is of course Yahoo. As you start typing in a search term results will be presented to you immediately in the right side of the screen:

Axis search results

The results are accompanied with site screenshots, as you can see on the image above. The red arrows on the image are pointing to page turners, which you can use to go through all the results. When a web page is opened, Yahoo Axis is still present and now you’ll be offered with an option to add the website that you have opened to Favorites on your Yahoo Axis homepage and you also get a small button on the side of your screen which you can use to switch directly to the next result in your search result list:

Axis browsing

Great thing about Yahoo Axis is that it allows you to search something without even leaving the website that you originally were on. When you find something that you need clarifying simply start typing in the search field in the Axis toolbar and results for your term will be shown.

Share Yahoo Axis across devices and share results on homepage

This search and browse hybrid which Yahoo Axis certainly is can also be used on iPad and iPhone, and there’s even an option, if all of your devices are networked together, to share what you do on one device and continue your work on a different device, for example you can continue a search from your desktop computer inside your iPad. Simply click on the Continue From Device menu and choose from where you wish to continue.

If you have a Yahoo account you can also share results on your Yahoo homepage and that way share them with others. Yahoo Axis is definitely something new, and it’s interesting to see how it’ll be received with the general public. Drawback is that there are no Android apps at the moment, just iOS. Give Yahoo Axis a try if you’re looking for something new to spice up your browsing.

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