5 Free Image Search Engines

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Here are 5 free image search engines which let you search images in the easiest possible way. These image search engines have a vast data base of the most popular and commonly searched images on web. Image search engines consist of a search box in which you need to just simply enter the keyword. And within a second you would come across  several images for your keyword. Use these image search engines for searching what you actually want.

Google Image Search

Google Image Search001

Google image search is an image search engine launched by Google which shows you several image search results faster in a blink. This image search service has got a big search tab in which you need to simply enter the search term and see what all you can get. This image search engine also allows you to sort the images on the basis of their size, color, black & white, etc.  You may also view the size of each image by a single click on Show sizes option. It has also got a Safe search option by which you can prevent adult content from being shown in your results. It’s a fully packed image search engine with user-friendly functions to help you search images easily without any hindrance.

Bing Image Search

Bing Image Search001

Bing image search is also one a popular and widely used image search engine across the world. This image search engine fills your desktop screen with thousands of results for your search term. This image search engine also includes various user-friendly features which can be used for customizing your search. You can customize the “select view” between small, medium and large. Moreover this online service also allows you to sort the images by size, color, layout, style, etc. You may also click on “preferences” to change language of site, to display up to 50 results in a page, etc. This online service also shows you few tabs above related to your search term.

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Imagery is one fully packed image search engine which gives you relevant results for your search term. This online service has got a user-friendly interface with useful functions. In this online service when you place your mouse cursor on an image, this shows you that image’s format, height & width, size and page source. And When you click on the image it gets opened at the bottom of the page with options like Zoom in, Zoom out, open in a new window, etc. Moreover with “preference” option you can sort the images on the basis of their size and color. And you can also use safe search option for preventing adult content from being entered in your searches.

Pic Search

Pic Search001

Pic Search is an image search engine with more that 3,000,000,000 pictures in it. This online image service shows you relevant images for your search term. Moreover like other image search engines , this one also allows you to sort pictures/images on the basis of color, size, orientation, and type. This site is available in several widely spoken languages like English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, etc. Each and every image in the search result by default shows it’s format, source and size. Unlike any other image search engine, this allows you to remove images from the Pic Search database by filling in a small Removal form on this website. So go ahead and search for your stuff.



Exalead allows you to get accurate and relevant results for your valuable searches. This image search engine includes same features like other image search engines . You can easily sort images on the basis of size, content, realism, file format, orientation and color. Moreover you can also easily sort out wallpaper sized images in a single click. This online service has also got a Preferences option from where you can edit preferences. Preferences option also includes “Safe search” option to filter images.

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So these were few free image search engines which could really help you in finding images faster.

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