5 Free Online Personal Finance Managers

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Here are 5 Free online personal finance managers that let you easily manage personal finances online. These online personal finance managers are really useful as you can manage all your expenses online, and do not need to download or install anything. Some of these personal finance managers are also able to pull in your bank account transactions and credit card expenses (in a safe manner), and show them all together in one central location.

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BudgetSketch is free web based personal finance manager that keeps track of your monthly budgets and you can set your financial goals to incorporate them in your monthly sketch. The application is simple and intuitive with simple features and functions that will help you to allocate your expenditures and surpluses against different category of daily and monthly areas. Maintain proper cash flow statement and divide your monthly budget to weekly.

The main view of this online personal finance manager will show you weekly cash flows of the month. Incomes and expenditures are summed up net flow is shown in the balance of the budgetary. Get easy weekly summary and estimate the surplus and expenses that you will bore in coming week. You can set your goals in your plans and apply your excess in your goals. Keep track of your budgetary plans and sketch your dream with your easy going budgets.

The application also allows you to login to your Budget Sketch account via Facebook account. Connect your FB account with your monthly budgetary application and get flexibility you need to manage your account. You can even connect with your Facebook account to securely access your budget while logged into Facebook. Also, share your budget sheets with your financial advisors and other CPAs.

Check out BudgetSketch free.

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Mint is free web application that allows you to set your financial goals and prepare monthly simple budgets with this free and handy application. Set one account for you all your financial aids like cash, investments, and credit cards. With this single account maintenance, you can easily keep track of your money as you are earning with your investments and the way your expending with your cash or bank accounts. The most useful feature of this particular application is, that it allows your to connect your Mint account with your bank accounts so that you can easily access to your credit card accounts or retirement scheme accounts.

See all your balances and transactions together, on the web or your phone. Mint automatically pulls all your financial information into one place, so you can finally get the entire picture. One of the easy features of the application is auto categorization. You can easily categorize your spending under separate heads to which it belongs. Mark your purchases and categorize your expenses to which it belongs, this will help you to keep track of the over spending you have done in the current or previous period. The application has hundreds of categories, and it is easy to rename or re-categorize any transaction.

Check out Mint.com.


Thrive is another free personal money management tool that will help you to be vigilant about your savings and see your money grow with your various investment plans. The application is intuitive for all internet users, as you just have to create an account and place your financial details with the web site. The feature application will help your keep your financial summaries for your reference and budgets. This free tool will bring all your financial accounts to one place and you can get financial advice on your account status and financial goals right from this app.

One of the useful features of the app is its score giving functions. Thrive application gives you an overall financial health score, an accessibility scale that helps you to show you how financially fit you are. Get easy scores on various categories of expenditures and get free advices on how to make improvements.

Prepare monthly budgets with this free tool. You can create fine short budgets with help of this free app. The application allows you to make your budgets in simple pie chart and bar graph form, which is very easy to understand and graphical representation helps you to year proper understandability. The pie chart represents your income for the month and progress bar graph helps you to allocate as to how much purchases you have made and how much you intend to do. This way you will able to keep update yourself about your over spending capacity.

Check out Thrive.


oneBudget is free web application that makes personal finance and money management simple and easy to handle. Picture your finances completely with one application and allocate your money to proper heads and categories. The application is designed specially for home users and very easy to understand. Get pie chart snapshot for the monthly budgets and see the allocation to different heads. The colors in the pie charts help you to understand as to which allocation is the highest and which category requires special attention.

The most useful feature of this application is its bill tracking function. The application is designed to help you track your bill payments and will not let you forget any bill payment that may incur you penalty expenses in return. Track all your bills with automatically status update and due dates at one place, so you do not miss any bill payments. The application will show you snapshot of the bill payments with its latest updates as to which bills are paid and which are remaining.

The free application is developed for envelop budgetary. As you need to create envelope for each category and mention the amount you have to allocate for the same and name the head with your expenditure area. With this feature, you will know how much money if left for each category before you spends it. You can also check it from your mobile phone.

Check out oneBudget.


Buxfer, easy online money management program, that automatically downloads and categorizes expenses from your checking, savings and credit card accounts. Get spending insights and monitor activity on all your accounts at a single place. Set limits to your expenditures with this application to different categories of your expenditure areas, whenever you over spend in the particular area the application will send real-time alerts on your mobile device. Thus, it will help you stay within those limits by monitoring your expenses.

You can easily achieve you financial goals with this free application and make bill payments on time without paying additional money. Buxfer sends you email reminders when your bills are due, so you do not have to pay late fees. Avoid time to time credit reminders and avoid embarrassing situations as this handy and feature tool will help you to generate optimized settlement plans, shuffles debts, and lets you make payments online to your creditors.

Check out Buxfer.

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