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OneBudget is a free personal finance management software designed to take control over your finances. It’s an online money management software that shows you some effective ways to save your money once you start tracking your assets and expenses. You can add all your bank accounts in your OneBudget account and start reviewing and tracking them right from your it. And you don’t have to worry about your data as its safe and secure inside OneBudget’s bank-data security. OneBudget provides the same security which you get in bank or investment websites.

Update (2-Sep-2012): This website is not operational anymore. Instead, you can try ThriveMintMoneyOnThread and AceMoney Lite as other good personal finance software.

OneBudget makes your budget managing process easier as you get all your bank accounts or other account in one place. You can add your credit card, bank accounts, stocks, insurance, loans, credit reports and utilities in your OneBudget account. It’s really very difficult to manage all these account manually and this free online money management software makes this difficult job easier for you.


Using this free online financial planning software is very easy and you can have your own OneBudget account in less than five minutes. Just go to OneBudget’s official website and click on the Join Now button. Follow the instructions and you will start tracking your assets and expenses in a very short time. OneBudget is also available for iPhone and Android so you can still use your OneBudget account when you are on the run.

Features of OneBudget Personal Finance Software:

  • All Your Accounts in One Convenient Place: Track all your important accounts from one place. Don’t worry even if you have more than ten accounts as you will be able to get a total view of all the accounts you have added. Add your bank accounts, loans, trading accounts, credit cards and utilities in one place and start tracking.
  • No More Worrying: You can add all your accounts in one place so you don’t have to worry about what is due when. You will get alert for dues and fees so you can pay them on time.
  • Don’t Miss a Bill: Get alerts for due dates and bills with automatically status update so it’s easier to track your bills with OneBudget.
  • You Get a Complete Financial Picture: Once you are done adding all the accounts, you will be able to create a budget automatically. You will also get a financial snapshot of your assets and expenses. It helps you to take control over your money easily.

Start using OneBudget to take a control over your expenses

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