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Simple Solver is a free Boolean logic equation solver and also works as a free digital logic circuit simplifier. There are six tools included in this multipurpose solver.  The tools are Boolean, Logic Design Draw, Logic Simulation, Logic Design Auto, Random Number and Permutation. Unlike the other free math solvers programs, it is not just another experiment with C programming or a beginner’s project. All these tools are made with years of computer engineering design experience added with vast research. The standard of this software is so high that you can use it both for educational or industrial uses.

simpler solver

The Boolean tool generates minimized Boolean equations from either Boolean equations or Truth table inputs. The Logic Design Draw is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool with which you will be able to create a logic schematic diagram. You can add, rename and delete signals any time and after each change the circuit will be redrawn automatically and the simulation will be re-run too. Logic Design Auto will help you to design small digital logic circuits automatically following the truth tables or the timing diagrams. On the other hand, Logic simulator can be used to evaluate circuit functions and timing problems. And the other two tools, Permutation Generator and Random Number Generator do not need any introduction. They are just two simple tools working just perfect.

If you feel confused about any of the tool there is a detailed help file separately for each of the tool, so it should not be very hard to start using these tools. All the six tools are best of their kinds and with a little knowledge you will be able to use them too. The official website of this free Boolean logic equation solver has Technical Support and Help Files too in case any user feels lost. The user base of this free logic simplifier is very strong. Engineers and students from countries around the world use this free Boolean Logic Equation solver.

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Features of Simple Solver:

  • Comes with easy-to-use user interface
  • Educational for both new and experience users
  • Compatible with real world software/hardware development

Try Simple Solver free.

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