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Thrive is a free online finance management system. It manages personal finances safely. All you have to do is provide little information about yourself and about your finances. The application brings your finance information into its database to help you maintain your finances. The sign up is free of cost. Your data is safe with Thrive. Thrive also provides you online advice on your finances.

With this free application you will be able to access your financial health score. The application will detect your financial position according to the information provided by you, and will let you know how you are doing financially. Thrive is programmed to give you a score in the financial areas and would provide you necessary advice for improvements. The application provides relevant advices for your finances which are unique and practical.

When you provide your finance information, Thrive makes sure that your expenditures and your saving are to be considered most. The in- built financial management system, makes budgetary assessment for you. The budget created by Thrive will look in to your spending and will maximize your savings. If you run a business then you can read related articles on software to generate invoice like AllRound Invoice, Invoicera, Billing Boss and Simple Invoices.


Your spending considered by Thrive are broken down into purchases and bill payments. Then it will provide you info about the money overspent by you and how much you could have saved using some simple Thrive tips. You can also read personal finance management articles like Buxfer, Mint, MoneyOnThread and AceMoney Lite.

You can create monthly budget using Thrive. You can then see your budget and actual expenses in graphical form using this freeware. The graphical form will make the presentation and understanding of the spending and savings in proper understandable form. So that it will be easy for you to recognize the area that requires proper attention and cost cutting.

We all have life milestone that we need to set up in initial stages of life. You can tell your life milestone to Thrive and little information about your financial goal. Some of the milestone people set up have achieving time-line like 5-10 years. Some have milestones like buying a dream house or some have plans for retirement. Thrive is equipped with such programming that it will help you to save in such pattern that you achieve your goals.

In order to save more you need to spend less, however the application assumes that your spending will remain constant over the time. One of the application tool provide you function to set spending goals. Thrive has categorized your spending areas and helps you to control your purchases towards certain category and sub category. This will help you cut back in the areas which can be restraint and cost cutting is practical. You can also read Xpenser for finance management.

Thrive provides you comprised set of tools and functions with which you can easily manage your finances. Connect all your finance resources like connect your mortgage loan accounts, credit cards, investment accounts and other such accounts so that it becomes easy for Thrive to manage your spending and savings. You will enjoy your money and see it grow as the time passes.

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