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Invoicera is a free online billing and invoicing application that helps you to create free online invoices for your customers with ease and with assured security. You can create free online bills and invoices using this application which will give you professional online invoices, track payments and expenses and generate quick reports of the invoices and payments made towards the sale.

You can create quick invoice with help of this application, by using in-built invoice templates and chose the template that satisfy your needs. For accounting and management needs of your business you can read articles like phpBMS, BS1 Accounting, and NolaPro.


You can save your invoices and create backup online or on your pc using Invoicera, so that whenever you need to refer to old invoices they are readily available to you. The handy application helps you to generate quick invoices, save the snapshot of invoices for backup and track the payments received from the debtors, all at one place. You can also read other billing related articles we reviewed like Billing Boss, Invoice Expert, and AllRound Invoice. For personal finance management you can read Buxfer.

Some of the modules available in Invoicera are:

Invoice Generation Module:

  • Generate Invoices
  • Manage Invoices
  • Schedule Invoices
  • Send Invoices to Contacts
  • Manage Invoice payment using multiple payment gateways, like, Paypal, Google Checkout, Money Booker, 2Checkout, and more.

Time Tracking Module:

  • Create Projects and Tasks
  • Log time against projects and tasks
  • Generate Invoice for logged time

Expenses Module:

  • Create Expense categories
  • Add Expenses against expense categories
  • Convert expenses to Invoices

Clients Module:

  • Add clients
  • Manage clients
  • Account statement for clients
  • Manage language, currency, and exchange rate of clients

Reports Module:

  • Clients report
  • Invoices report
  • Recurring forecast report
  • Estimates report
  • Item / product wise report
  • Staff report
  • Payment report
  • Timesheet report
  • Expense Report

As you would notice from above, various modules of Invoicera provide all the features that a good free billing system should provide.

Key benefits of Invoicera:

Customize your invoices

The application suggests you the best possible way to format your invoices keeping in mind the details you are required to add to your invoices. Not only use the templates as it is, but you can easily customize them by deleting the fields not required by you or adding details that are required to be added by your business. Customizing the templates is very easy, just edit the invoices and use them for online billing system.

Send invoices to multiple contacts

Invoicera allows users to send invoices or estimates to more then one contact. Sometimes you may be required to send same invoice to number of parties. With this application you can easily and in one time send invoice copy to multiple contacts. No need for creating same invoice again.

Multiple language and currency support

The application supports many international languages so that you can create invoices in the language of your country. You can also use multiple currency support using Invoicera and generate meaningful and correct invoices for your domestic and international clients. Invoicera supports as many as eleven international languages popular worldwide.

Invoicera with Google apps

The high tech invoicera makes itself compatible with very popular Google apps. Therefore, if you are user of Google apps, than using Invoicera is not a problem. The application can easily be accessed through various Google applications. The application can be assessed with single sign on process and use Invoicera with single Google domain name.

Recurring billing and auto billing

The application is well equipped with memory that stores your bills and invoices of repetitive nature. You can send them in a click instead of creating same bill every-time. This feature is helpful when you have same kind of selling to a number of purchasers.

Overall Invoicera is a useful application with multiple functions to make your job easy as a business person. Though with the free version of the application it will only allow maximum of 3 clients but unlimited number of invoices. Also the products and services offered are also limited with the free version. But it provides you with a professional billing system you can rely on.

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