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Xpenser is an innovative system for free expense tracking and management that enables you to use almost any device to transfer data about your expense onto the system automatically. You can use a simple syntax of information and send it in such ways as SMS, tweet, through an iPhone app and the simple method of going through the Xpenser website. It is a very easy system, but one that can be very useful for those who want to keep a record of how much money they spend.

Xpenser reminds us of another Twitter based expense management application that we reviewed earlier: TweetWhatYouSpend.

A report in Xpenser containing a series of expenses.

Getting Started with Xpenser

To begin using Xpenser, you simply register with your email which will be your login for the website. Then you are presented with your free expense tracking and management page. From here, you simply need to configure the devices that you will be using to transfer expenses to the service. The services available for use are:

  • Email/PDA.
  • SMS.
  • Voice call.
  • iPhone application.
  • Instant messaging client.
  • Twitter.
  • Browser search bar.
  • Xpenser website.

You have to use a special syntax in order to enter expenses using a lot of these methods, but this is a very simple syntax, complementing the rest of the simplicity of the free expense tracking and management system.

Some other free software that can you use to manage your expenses: MyMicroBalance, AceMoneyLite, and BudgetSketch.

Managing These Expenses

Once you have some of your expenses in the free expense tracking and management system, they can be organized into reports. This makes it easier to divide up the amounts of money you spend on various things. You can also do some inline editing to correct errors from other device input and also add further details if necessary.

Finally, you are able to export the expense report into a variety of useful other programs such as Microsoft Excel, forming a spreadsheet of your expenses.

So in summary, Xpenser is an excellent little free expense tracking and management tool that has an eclectic range of input method making it easy for any user, regardless of expertise, to manage their expenses even when they are not at their computer.

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