MyMicroBalance: Freeware to Track Income and Expenses

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MyMicroBalance is a free cash basis accounting software that allows you to plan your receipts and expenditures to keep track of the current financial status. MyMicroBalance is filled with many features such as displaying the receipts and expenditures in charts, multiple currencies, password encryption and etc.

MyMicroBalance is an easy to use free accounting software. You can easily keep track of your financial situation using this free software. MyMicroBalance tracks the current financial situation by letting you know which areas you have spent too much and in which areas you could save money.

Here are some of the features of free MyMicroBalance software:

  • MyMicroBalance is a free cash basis accounting software that allows you to plan your receipts and expenditures in just a few mouse clicks
  • MyMicroBalance displays an overview of the current financial status
  • MyMicroBalance displays areas that you spend too much money and areas in which you should save money
  • Users can export files in selected months to CSV file
  • Users can export parallel or one below the other continuous list of the receipts and expenditures into CSV file
  • Users can create, delete or edit the receipts and expenditure entries in the balance sheet
  • The calculator tool starts the calculator program that is installed on the computer
  • Users can assign the receipt or expenditure entry into a new category including foodstuff, salary, rental, car, clothing, holiday and etc
  • The interval entry can be created by specifying the begin and end period
  • Users can display all the receipts and expenditures within a month including the total amounts of the current month’s receipts or expenditures, amount of all variable receipts or expenditures, and amount of fixed receipts or expenditures.
  • The search box allows you to search for the specified entries in the file
  • Users can display their entries in charts, statistics, shortcuts, and annual overview
  • If you delete the account, the entries cannot be retrieved anymore
  • You can add, modify or delete columns
  • The main and secondary currency setting can be customized. Main currency is your currency which is used for tables and labels. Secondary currency is used to change an amount in the main currency to the foreign currency.
  • MyMicroBalance supports automatic loading of a balance sheet file
  • You can save and backup opened balance sheet file

MyMicroBalance is a free cash basic accounting software which is suitable for personal use or small business.

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