6 Free Online Music Storage Websites to Store Music in Cloud

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Here are 6 free online music storage websites that let you store music in cloud. These cloud music storage websites provide an easy way to back up music library, as well as to stream your music from any computer.

There are already many websites that provide online file storage to backup data online, but cloud music storage is a comparatively recent concept. However, it is gaining popularity, as it provides a neat option to both backup music library, and more importantly, anywhere streaming of music.



Psonar is my personal favorite online music storage web application for online storage of MP3 music files in the Cloud storage. Reason for that is Psonar cloud music storage offers unlimited storage and unlimited streaming for free. It is able to offer free online music storage because of intelligent technology that it uses: If a user uploads a music file that has already been uploaded by another user, Psonar does not creates a new copy of that, and instead make that same file available in library of both the users. This means that actually even if you upload lots of songs to Psonar free online music storage, it would need to store just those files that were not uploaded till now (it does comes with a premium account as well that stores a copy of each file you upload, though I am not sure why would I need that).

The application is designed to add your entire music collection in the Cloud and then manage your account from anywhere in the world. The app can be accessed directly from anywhere in the world as the app will store your favorite music collection in Cloud and you just need to sign in and start storing your music numbers.

Using this free cloud music storage is all the more easy and simple. Your can drag and drop the music files from the device to the Psonar playlist menu. The app allows you to download songs to your other devices whenever you want. You just need internet connection to connect with Psonar and access your account. When you have logged in, stream your music to any portable device PC, Mac, iPhone, etc. using the in-browser player.

Read more about Psonar, or try free here.


MP3Tunes is free cloud music storage service that allows you to maintain your music database online without paying a single penny. This free online music storage app does not require any installation or downloads. The web app can be used for free of cost for music storage up to 2GB. You can maintain your MP3 music database online using this intuitive and easy free online music storage. You need not spend anything to open a free online music storage account that comes with a 2GB Locker with room for up to 400 songs.

The freeware requires short and simple sign up for starting an account with the application. The app assigns a locker to its users where by the users can store MP3 music online in the Cloud storage, which can be retrieved and used anywhere in the world if you have Internet connection. The account creation and usage of the app involves three simple steps:

  • Enter your email address and create an account password for your new account
  • Sync your music the easiest way to put music in your Locker is with our free software
  • Play it everywhere and anywhere

Mp3Tunes online music storage lets you stream music on your computer, as well as on iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android phones.

Read more about Mp3Tunes, or try free here.


Mougg is free online music storage that allows internet users to have online storage space to store MP3 files online for free. The Cloud storage technology is new emerging technology that will hold your files in the internet server like you deposit your money in your bank account. Just create free simple account with this free web app and start adding your MP3 files straight to the internet.

When you store your music files online in this cloud music storage, it ensures that you will be able to play back your files whenever you want even if your laptop is not with you. All you need is internet connection. Sign in to your account and retrieve all the MP3 files that you have synchronized with the freeware. It is simple and very easy to use. Mougg allows free storage account for up to 1 GB. Have an unlimited access to your account from anywhere and anytime.

Read more about Mougg, or try free here.


AudioBox.fm is another free online media library manager in the cloud, which will store your music files online with Cloud storage. This free web player offers extensive features and functionality that will enjoy when you want online media player along with online storage space and file management. The app interface that it presents itself with is simple yet classy and modern.

The best part of this media player is you need not install or download any software. Just log on to the web site and continue enjoying your music. The app is very handy when you do not have your devices and want your favorite number in it. Just access to the internet and download easy music file with this free web media player. The most reasonable plan it offers 1 GB of storage space for the free.

Upload this free media and see the files already available in the Player when you want to access files. You can modify playlist through the API provided by this cloud music storage, and see it updating without refresh. You can continue streaming tracks on your mobile and see the dashboard updates in real-time. You can even control your Cloud Web Player remotely from other machines.

Read more about AudioBox.fm, or try free here.


Moof is another free online music storage for internet users and helps them to store their music file in cloud for easy accessibility and retrieval. Sign in for the application and upload your files for Cloud storage. There is fully featured music manager in the app that is in built along with playlist section to organize your music files. You need not any external software to run this app, just simple web browser will help you to play songs online without your desktop media player.

When you are outside the reach of your desktop or forgot carrying your laptop, then you can easily rely on this intuitive cloud music storage for retrieval of songs. When you logged on to the app, just import your own music and simply click the upload button and it will upload all of your music to the app interface. This is an ideal way to not only store but also share your music with friends all with the convenience of being online.

Read more about Moof, or try free here.


PulpTunes is free music streaming website that lets you stream music stored on your computer, from any other computer by just using browser. The app is designed to access your iTunes music library from anywhere, through a web browser. If you have got a huge music collection in your iTunes at home then you can rely to this freeware. The app allows you to access your stored music from the office, at a friend’s party, or let other people hear it from anywhere in the world. Install PulpTunes and access your music from anywhere, directly through a web browser. This app does not stores your music on the cloud, but is great way to stream your iTunes music over the Internet and control it on the other end.

Here are some of the features of PulpTunes cloud music storage:

  • Synchronize with your iTunes and carry them anywhere
  • Works with many platforms like Mac OS, Windows and not forgetting Linux
  • Simple to use and powerful
  • Supports MP3 and AAC (M4A) files
  • Users/groups permission management
  • Command-line mode for server environments
  • Detailed logs
  • Customizable footer

Read more about PulpTunes, or try free here.

All these cloud music storage present a new era of online music streaming where you are able to directly stream your own music. You might also want to check out ZumoCast.

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