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YTubePlayer is a free software where you can experience YouTube on desktop by searching and playing your favorite YouTube videos right there on your desktop.  Playing videos isn’t the only thing that’s offered by this free Windows YouTube player, it also comes with a large number of useful features like for example video playlists, automatic search for similar videos to the one you’re interested in and a Toolbar mode where the entire window minimizes and gets out-of-the-way when you’re listening to songs.

YTubePlayer to experience YouTube on desktop

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Interface of YTubePlayer is divided into two equally sized columns. In the right column we have everything that’s important for playlists, and on the left one down below is the actual video player, and above it there are some quick selections for filling up the playlist with game trailers, movie trailers, searching and importing other people’s YouTube playlist and more.

Key Features of YTubePlayer to Experience YouTube on Desktop:

  • Search, sort in playlists and view YouTube videos on your desktop.
  • Videos are played directly from YouTube, there’s no downloading to the computer.
  • Toolbar mode hides the main application so you can only listen to videos.
  • Share playlists with people whom you know who are using YTubePlayer.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS, very small and lightweight.

Watching videos on your desktop with a separate YouTube player does have some other advantages apart from the ones that we listed up until now. One of them would be that you can use your browser for viewing websites, and play music and videos on the side so that there’s no lag while you are browsing, which can happen with browsers on older machines. Here’s how to use this free tool to experience YouTube on desktop.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on your Desktop with YTubePlayer:

If you just want to watch a particular video, you can search it up with the search tool. Its located at the top of the right column, where playlists are situated. Type in whatever, that you are interested in and hit enter.

YTubePlayer searching video

Window with the results is gonna pop-up. If you want to watch the video, left click on it. Left column is gonna open up the video where it should start playing. You can adjust the quality of the videos to HD, so that only HD qualities are played, in case there are any.

YTubePlayer playlist playing

If you want YTubePlayer to search for similar videos and automatically create playlists, use the first two options from the default selection of options on the left which can be seen on the first image above. Click on the first one if you are searching for music, and the second one for regular videos, a window will pop-up where you’ll have to enter a name, hit enter and everything should be done automatically. Check out some other free desktop YouTube players reviewed by us.


YTubePlayer comes with a lot of interesting features like for example the automatic YouTube playlist creation based on search terms you enter. That and everything else we mentioned just now is more than enough for you to enjoy and experience YouTube on desktop like never before. Download it and give it a try to see how it works.

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Works With: Windows & Mac
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