5 Sunrise Sunset Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 Sunrise Sunset apps for Android which you can use to know right down to the last minute when it’s gonna be a sunrise and/or sundown in your area. Knowing something like this could be helpful for a number of reasons. Perhaps you need to work outside, travel on foot or look at the starts and you need to know how much daylight or night time, respectfully, you have left out of the day. These apps can tell you that and much more.

Sunrise Sunset by Alok

Sunrise Sunset offers detailed info right down to minutes when sunrise and sunset are gonna be for a particular date. It picks up your location either using GPS or a location can be entered manually into the app.

sunrise sunset apps for Android 1

App also tells you day and night length, along a whole heap of more technical info like the astronomical sunrise, nautical sunrise, position of the Sun, Sun path, planet positions, and much more. You can see how the app looks like on the image above.

Get Sunrise Sunset.

Sunrise Sunset Calculator Free

Sunrise Sunset Calculator Free is a sunrise sunset app for Android that’s more precise than its previously mentioned counterpart.

sunrise sunset apps for Android 2

It’s more precise because the app also shows seconds when predicting sunrise and sunset. Everything else is pretty much the same, you can select location manually or using GPS, adjust for the EU and US daylight saving times, time formation, etc.

Get Sunrise Sunset Calculator Free.

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LunaSolCal Widgets

LunaSolCal Widgets is a sunrise sunset widget app for Android which gives you a large selection of widgets for you home screen. Widgets will tell you sunrise and sunset time without having to open anything.

sunrise sunset apps for Android 3

The widgets come in various different sizes. Location can only be detected using the GPS. Next to the sunrise and sunset, widgets can also show additional info like moon rise/set, moon phases, twilight times, etc.

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Sunrise Sunset Calculator

Sunrise Sunset Calculator has a simplistic setup when compared to previously mentioned sunrise sunset apps, but it still offers lots of useful info.

sunrise sunset apps for Android 4

You can see the app in action on the image above. Location can be detected via GPS or you can type in your own locations. The usual info is given, sunrise, sundown, astronomical sunrise/sundown, etc.

Get Sunrise Sunset Calculator.

Make sure to also have a look at Get Sunrise Calendar for Android.

Sun Board Sunrise Sunset

Sun Board Sunrise Sunset is a sunrise sunset app that shows a visual representation of where the sun currently is on the map.

sunrise sunset apps for Android 5

GPS location can be used to detect you location, or you can just navigate manually to the part of the world for which you’d like to know the sunrise and sunset info. Time of sunrise and sundown is showed at the top of the screen, and tapping on the top right corner icons will show lots of additional info, similar to what previously mentioned apps have to offer.

Get Sun Board Sunrise Sunset.


I liked Sunrise Sunset by Alok and Sun Board Sunrise Sunset apps because they offer lots of additional info. The maps are the main culprit, they’re the ones that got me. Widgets offered by LunaSolCal are also quite useful, but to find out about sunrise and sunset you can’t go wrong no matter which app is selected.

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