Quick Disaster Recovery: Recovery PC from Virus or Malware Attack

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Quick Disaster Recovery is free software to recover computer after a virus or malware attack. This software is greatly helpful in a situation where the harmful virus or malware has disabled many of the integral functionalities of your computer. This software can come in handy for any PC considering every PC is on the verge of a virus attack; which can occur from nowhere.

Let’s check the scenario here; a harmful virus or malware attack occurs. At first, it disables the task manager in the most cases. On top of it, it disables the registry editor, disables access to command prompt and hides the folder options. These are all some common symptoms of a really serious virus attack. This kind of attacks could prevent you from using the system further. You have to find a solution to deal with a disastrous situation like this. A tool like Quick Disaster Recovery has extreme importance in one such situation.

Quick Disaster Recovery

First and foremost Quick Disaster Recovery is portable and light weight software. Which means you can copy it from one machine to other without installing it. Light weight suggests that it occupies very less space on your hard drive.

If the virus attack is severe, and this software does not helps you, then you can try a software like VIPRE Rescue, eScan Rescue Disk, and SARDU.

Ok, let’s see what it does essentially. It fixes some of the minor damages made by the virus. It fixes the following 8 things.

  • Enable task manager.
  • Enable registry editor.
  • Enable command prompt.
  • Enable Search.
  • Enable Start-Run.
  • Enable ‘Folder Options’.
  • Show hidden files.
  • Fix logon-logoff loop.

If none of these things are affected on your computer the fix buttons for each of these will be disabled; so as to avoid any accidental use of the button.Those options will be grayed out which are not affected.

Besides the above mentioned buttons we have 2 more buttons to handle the situation; they are ‘Delete Internet Temp files’ and ‘Task Manager Replacement’. Using the first button you can delete all the temporary internet files; this could come in handy since the virus or malware files could be saved in the temporary internet files. Using the second button you can launch a new Task Manager replacement with which you can kill off all the malicious processes running on your computer.

Quick Disaster Recovery is a good free software to recover your computer from virus or malware attack.

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