0Boxer: Organize Emails in Gmail by Playing a Game

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OBoxer is free email organization service meant to organize your emails on Gmail. For those who assume that organizing your emails on Gmail is a tedious and boring task, think again, you can make it as interesting as a game with the help of OBoxer. To be precise, it’s basically a game. This means you will have fun while organizing your emails.

Whenever you clear your inbox you will earn points. You will gain points every time when you delete an email from your inbox. You will also gain a point when you mark an email as spam. It doesn’t end there; you will gain points even when you archive your emails. On top of this, you will earn more points when you compose and reply to emails.

There is a leader board where these points are accumulated. This leader board has got both daily as well as weekly score boards. All those who have registered for this application can find a place on this list. Those who have got the highest points will appear on top of the list, which means it turns out to be a competition where you keep earning points when you organize your inbox every time.

Once after signing up, it will search for your friends on the network. If there are no friends you can invite your friends to the service so that you can have a healthy and entertaining competition with your friends.

Other email organization services we reviewed earlier include ActiveInbox, OtherInbox, and EmailTray.

How Does 0Boxer Works?

0Boxer provides plugin for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Depending on the browser that you are using, you can install the appropriate plugin. Then it will start appearing as a small bar at top of your Gmail window. Whenever you perform any cleaning action in your Gmail, it will detect those actions, and will show you the points that you have gained for that. Quite simple, eh :)


0Boxer works only when you directly access Gmail from one of the supported browsers, but would not work if you are using some other email client to access Gmail (like Thunderbird, or Inbox2). Their blog post mentions that they have started supporting Mailplane.

They also have got badges, which are distributed whenever you achieve something. Everyone gets a badge when they clear the inbox for the first time, and the next one is awarded when you clear the inbox to zero. You can have important badges when you find a place on the leader board.

0Boxer provides a very different approach for organizing your emails, but this approach works. It makes the whole process of organization a fun. What an idea!

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Works With: Firefox, Chrome, Safari
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