How to Change Windows Taskbar Icons

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7Conifier is a free software to change taskbar icons in Windows 7.  The user is allowed to mutate the original icons giving the desktop a transformed look. It comes with 3 different icon sets that you can choose to quickly changes icons of taskbar. 7conifier is definitely one software that helps you to personalize your desktop appearance and that too free of cost. It is only compatible with Windows 7.

7Conifier helps to restructure the way your desktop looks by providing an icon repository, comprising of 3 libraries, that comes bundled with this tool. However, you have an option to augment it with new icons as and when required.7Conifier delivers many sleek looking icons giving your desktop an eye-catching look. You might customize your Windows interface with the theme of desktop, desktop animation or the windows taskbar.

In the screenshot below, notice how the taskbar icons have been changed. Also notice 3 different icon sets provided by 7Conifier.


7Conifier can be used to restyle the original Windows taskbar icons with alternates chosen from the library. You can replace the standard window icons that include folder icons, system icons, start menu icons and more. There might be some programs for which no icon is provided. Then it is for you to create new icons using certain external tools (like  free icons creator) and load them into the existing library of 7Conifier.

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The set of features provided by 7Conifier include:

  • Multiple Icon Sets to Replace Windows Taskbar Icons: Token light, Token dark and Eclispe2 are the three libraries that come bundled with 7Conifier.It also covers a large number of Window programs.
  • Flexibility: It offers flexibility in assignment of icons to any executable or modifying the icon sets by inserting or removing an icon.
  • Restoration of original icons: It can be done either by going back to the previously saved default icons or loading the icons from browser’s history.

It takes just a small mouse gesture to set up your desktop using 7conifier which is a simple yet powerful software designed to meet your needs to set up desktop environment

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Works With: Windows 7
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