OtherInbox: Prioritize and Organize Emails Automatically

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You must be receiving and sending mails in today’s life, but which mail is important and which mail is not is an important and challenging issue. OtherInbox is the most efficient and flexible solution for all these problems. Now with the help of OtherInbox your emails can be sort in different folders, you can read, reply, delete or block any mail to your address. It will identify and categorize the low priority and high priority mails. It intelligently manages all mails by dividing them into different folders.

For those people using a single mailing account OtherInbox is the flexible solution by moving all the clutter mails out of the immediate inbox. It keeps the mails if you want to pursue them later. The sorting of folders is totally based on the address on which emails are sent. The best way to use OtherInbox is by start using other email address which is provided when one uses OtherInbox.


The OtherInbox can be easily used with twitter, face book, Gmail. Now OtherInbox is coming in exciting new features like deleting and collecting receipts, building a calendar from email, track spending and even coupons can be found.

OtherInbox patches unimportant mails inside your Gmail or yahoo inbox. It summarizes and priorities the incoming mails. OtherInbox is smart in knowing the peripheral mails. It gets the data from thousands of other, OtherInbox accounts and knows how web applications and point trackers work.

OtherInbox categorizes the emails as OIB/business, OIB/travel, OIB/shopping etc. all the mails are divided into different folders. The user will directly go on any of these labels making his inbox cluster free.

OtherInbox is a unique email service that allows you to maintain unlimited email addresses at your own domain name like sandycool.otherinbox.com. OtherInbox is a powerful weapon against spammers as well. It digests all the mails without missing out anything. OtherInbox ranks the mails so that most relevant mails are easy to be finding out. If you want to integrate emails and social networks, try Inbox2. For a more simpler email prioritization, you can try EmailTray.

The OtherInbox mail box can be created manually by just clicking at the new mailbox button at bottom of the page. It can be automatically created by sending email to your custom OtherInbox domain directly.

So check out the unique new features of OtherInbox, now no need to spend time in sorting low priority and high priority mails. OtherInbox, the easy solution.

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