eScan Rescue Disk Free: Remove Virus and Malware from PC

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eScan Rescue Disk is a free rescue disk software that can remove virus and malware from your PC. Unlike traditional antivirus, a rescue CD is used to directly boot into the computer, and then scan computer for virus and malware. Major advantage that it offers is that the virus can’t hamper the working of rescue disk, as Windows has not started yet. So, rescue disk can scan the contents of your Hard drive to detect any virus infected files, and clean them.

eScan Rescue Disk is completely free. We have already covered some similar rescue disk software like Kaspersky Rescue Disk, SARDU, and Vipre Rescue. In all these cases, you just need to download the Rescue Disk software, burn it to a CD, and then boot into computer with it.


How to Create eScan Rescue Disk and How to use eScan Rescue Disk:

Here are step-by-step instructions about how can you create and use eScan Rescue Disk:

  1. The first step is to download ISO image of eScan Rescue Disk. You can download the image here. This will be around 250MB in size.
  2. After this, you need to burn this ISO image to a CD or DVD. You can use one of these free CD/DVD burner for that.
  3. Then, load this rescue disk into the computer that has virus infection that you want to clean, and boot the computer (or restart, if it is already start).
  4. When the computer boots, you will need to select the option of booting from CD/DVD Drive. Normally pressing F5 gets you to boot menu, but it might be different for your computer. This option comes for a couple of seconds on the initial screen of computer. So, you can quickly read there which option is valid for your computer.
  5. Once you have booted with eScan Rescue Disk, you will need to accept license agreement.
  6. Then you will be taken to the initial screen of eScan Rescue Disk where you can select the scanning option. Some of the options, like Rescue, will be disabled as this disc does not do that (for rescue, you should have created a rescue disk before your system was infected. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool comes handy for that).
  7. eScan Rescue Disk will start scanning your system, and remove known virus or malware infections. It will even remove virus infection from registry.
  8. Now, your computer should be free from virus. If it is not, you might want to try some other recovery disc tools I have mentioned above.

Once your system is clean, make sure you install a good free antivirus on your computer.

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