VIPRE Rescue: Clean PC infested with Virus

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If you do not have a good antivirus on your system, your computer can be heavily infested with viruses. Sometimes that situation becomes so bad that you cannot install any software on your computer, including an antivirus software, to clean up your PC from viruses. VIPRE Rescue Program is a free software that would clean up your computer of the viruses, and have it working fine. VIPRE Rescue Program is a completely self-running program, so it will do all the scans automatically, and clean up your PC.  All the scans include Rootkit scanning as well. The best part is that VIPRE Rescue Program is completely free.

Download Vipre Rescue

To use VIPRE Rescue Program there are 2 options:

Run the program from Windows

If you are able to install programs on your computer and run them, then use this option. For this, download and install VIPRE Rescue Program on your PC. Then just run it, and VIPRE Rescue Program will scan your complete PC and find and clear all the virus infestations.

Run from Command Line

Sometimes you are not even able to install any program directly in Windows. This option comes handy in that situation. First of all, download VIPRE Rescue Program on your PC. Then boot your system in “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” mode. Once at command prompt, type the location of VIPRE Rescue Program on command prompt. VIPRE Rescue Program will start installing, and subsequently will scan your complete PC.

VIPRE Rescue Program is able to detect the same infections as the popular Vipre Antivirus software, and is designed to remove virus from PC on which you cannot even install an antivirus. This program can easily save your PC. Once you have cleared your PC, make sure you install some good free antivirus software on your PC so that it is not infested with viruses again.

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