Free Bank Account Management Software: YAPBAM

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YAPBAM is a free bank account manager which you can use in order to keep track of money transactions from your bank account. With the help of YAPBAM you can manage incoming and outgoing transactions, check on the account balance and be notified if it goes into negative. Detailed statistics about your expenditure with charts and diagrams are also available.

YAPBAM default window

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Interface of this free bank account management software can be seen on the image above. When you first start it up, the list of transactions will of course be empty, that’s the large blank area in the center of the window. At the top you have tabs through which you can switch through and access other available components, like balance history, statistics, budgeting, which are also available in YAPBAM.

Key features of this free personal account manager are:

  • Compatible with other bank account management software out there
  • Allows you to easily keep track of your banking transactions
  • Displays transactions in with the help of charts and diagrams
  • Budgeting: create monthly budgets to keep track of spending
  • Notification if and when your account balance goes into negative
  • Exchange rate which retrieves currency information from the ECB
  • Portable and available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS

The availability of YAPBAM is made possible by the fact that this is a Java application. To use it you’re gonna have to have Java runtime enviroument installed on your system.

Managing your bank account and running a budget is a great way of how you can find out where the bulk of your money goes to, on what you’re spending money the most. Most people are not even aware of the fact that they are wasting on things that they don’t really need. Here’s a few pointers to help you out.

How to manage bank account and run a budget with YAPBAM

Start in the Transactions tab and there click on the New Transaction button. This will open up the create new account pop-up. Enter a name that you’d like to use and then you should see the new transaction window.

YAPBAM adding new transaction

This is where you can enter all the details for transaction that you would like to enter. When you first run this free banking account manager, you’re gonna have to set your starting account balance on your own. Fill out the transaction description, name and when you’re done, click Validate.

YAPBAM transactions added

Do this for every transaction that you make during the month. Something even better, which should help you get an even better control over your finance would be if you use the budgeting. Click on the Budget tab and there start making a plan of your monthly spending.


Managing bank accounts is very easy with this free banking account client. Keep in mind that you will not actually be asked to connect to you bank account, if you’re worried about safety. You’ll just be able to keep track of transactions. YAPBAM is easy to use, portable, and it does everything that’s advertised very fast. Give it a try and see how it goes. Free download.

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