Free Online Animation Creator: Stop Frame Animator

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Stop Frame Animator is a free online animation creator which you can use in order to create video animations from figures and props. Everything that you need for creating animations is offered by this free animator. What you get is a doll, something very similar to a manikin and dozens of different props, music clips and sceneries which you can combine using your imagination to create various different video animations.

Stop Frame Animator default window

Interface of Stop Frame Animator can be seen on the image above. Bottom of the windows holds a timeline for both audio and video. On the right you have menu with props, and the main star, notice that manikin standing next to a chest full of stuff? Those are the figure and props that you’re gonna be able to use in your animation. Rest of the interface is reserved for workspace where you’ll be able to actually edit the animation that you’re creating. Key features of this free online animator are:

  • Web based – uses Flash, you just need a web browser, no registration
  • Sceneries – select from 9 different backgrounds for the animation
  • Props – you also get 9 different props – hats, balls, accessory
  • Audio clips – select between sound effects and situational music
  • Linear – make changes, create and record animation on linear scale
  • Easy to use – you’re presented with instruction on startup

You’re probably confused and don’t quite get how can animations can be created using Stop Frame Animator. Well the main thing that makes animation creation possible is the fact that limbs of the figure, the doll that we mentioned are movable. You can flap around with legs, arms and turn the figure around. Each frame of the animation will have limb in a different position, and after enough frames you have an animation. Same principle is used on actual cartoons and animation. Here’s a few pointers to help your get started.

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How to create animations online for free with Stop Frame Animator

The first thing that you need to do is add a background to your animation. This can be done by clicking on the framed curtains from the menu on the left.

Stop Frame Animation background

On the image above we’ve gone a few steps forward, and we also added the figure to the animation. Simply drag and drop both the scenery and the figure if you want to add them. We’ve also started moving the figure around. For each position that you want to add to the animation, you’re gonna have to click on the camera icon in the right. That will add the frame to linear editor down below.

Stop Frame Animator created animation

You can add additional props and also music. Click on the chest or the CD rack from the right menu to add those. When you’re finished, select the checkmark from the menu to save and export your video animation.


Stop Frame Animator is a very fun way of how you can create animations for free online. The entire setup is very simple, you don’t have to have a lot of experience at all. Give it a try and see how it goes. Free download.

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