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Update 2022: Cooties website doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you to use Google Web Designer instead.

Cooties is a free HTML5 Animation creator to create HTML Animations online. Cooties allows you to create easy HTML5 animations for your website. The new generation animation format has been developed using HTML5, which does not require Flash supports and any browser upgraded to HTML5 format will be able to show up your animations without any need for Flash Players. Animations created with Cooties works on all browsers, and even iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

You can also read Pencil, GIF Animator and FotoMorph for your animation needs.


HTML5 animations can add charm to your web site. Cooties is a free HTML5 animation creator that will help you create HTML5 animations. Cooties is a web-based application that will effectively create HTML5 animations for you and will run on your browser. Thus, your users will not need to install and download Flash Players to watch your animations. Your animations can work on any platform without considering specific one. The current capabilities of the app are drawing and moving shapes, text, and bitmaps around. There are layers that you turn on off visibility, rename, and lock.

This HTML5 animation creator has attained name for itself, as it propagates the simplicity in creating beautiful animations that are very effective for your web page and blogs. All you need to use is a web browser, and a desire to be ahead of the curve. You need to create login account with the application and supply your Google account details. This is use to save your files to the Google cloud. That’s it! now you can use Cooties for creating your desired animations just in no time.

You can set stage dimensions, background color, and FPS. You can add and remove key frames just as in Flash and you can draw and pull the positions with the Properties panel. Imported images are added to your library for re-use though there is no concept of symbols as in Flash. In addition, test movies and animations by using combination key Ctrl+enter. When you are ready to export, a pop-up shows you the HTML + a link to the 274 Kb library that plays the animation back.

Main Features of Cooties HTML5 Animation Creator:

  • Cooties mimics Flash Using HTML5 file format that does not require Flash support or any other specific platform to perform
  • IDE runs completely in browser thus it will not consume your computer resources. No consumption of disk space
  • Draw and export animations to your web page or any browser that reads the  HTML5 format
  • Animations run on iPad/iPhone since they don’t support Flash plug-ins, this is good option
  • Add animations to any website

Cooties is a really good option for designers to create simple HTML5 animations free online. You can also try Anim8or, and Project DogWaffle for traditional animation.

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