Anim8or – Free 3D Modeling and Animation Software

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Anim8or is free 3D modeling and animation software that lets you create realistic and amazing models which you can use in your project works or presentations or anything for that matter to produce 3D designs for free. With free animation software like this, the possibilities are almost completely endless.

A 3D design produced using Anim8or

Anim8or – the free 3D modeling software – lets you utilize your artistic skills in creating intuitive designs for your models. It has many inbuilt objects that can be used while making 3D designs like spheres, cylinders, platonic solids etc. You can use sub divisions, modifiers, lathing, splines, extrusion, bevel and warps in your design as well. Anim8or gives a real artistic feel to the free animations that you produce.

Other free 3D modeling software includes BRL-CAD and DoubleCad XT, as well as 3D Home Design which is an excellent tool for architects.


  • Anim8or has an open GL based real time operation
  • The free 3D modeling and animation software lets you import and modify the following files -.3DS, .LWO, .OBJ
  • It has an inbuilt 3D object browser to help you produce 3D designs for free
  • It lets you export .3DS files
  • It lets you morph targets and print images of scenes amd models
  • It allows scripting language
  • It supports texture for files like .BMP, .GIF, and .JPG
  • It gives you high quality and production quality images
  • It has plug ins for parameteric shape and object export
  • It has open GL shaders which gives you a realistic preview
  • It supports fog, textures, bump maps, soft shadows and many more stuff

Give yourself an artistic feel and create amazing model designs using this free 3D modeling and animation software and make others wonder how you did it. Anim8or is completely free of cost and gives you the best results.

Other free animation software includes Alice and Splashup, both of which make the procedure of creating free animations very easy indeed.

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