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BRL-CAD is a complex piece of free modeling software that is completely open source as well as being free to download and use. For twenty years, BRL-CAD has been used by the United States military to model weapons technology meaning that it is certainly a reliable piece of free modeling software and one that has all the features you could possibly need.

The free CAD software is designed to run cross-platform and BRL-CAD works on almost any operating system, meaning that you need not worry about compatibility issues because you aren’t running Windows. BRL-CAD runs just as well regardless of the operating system you are using. DoubleCAD XT is another free CAD software you should consider.

A figure modelled using BRL-CAD.

Features of BRL-CAD

  • Supports a great variety of geometric representations.
  • Geometric objects can be combined.
  • Runs on a huge number of platforms.
  • More than 400 tools, utilities and applications.

Crystal Clear Display And Up To Your Design Needs

BRL-CAD is used by the military for a reason: it is very, very reliable. I have not come across such reliable free modelling software in a long time as it seems to never crash, despite the fact that it is asked to do a very complex task. The visual side of the free CAD software is also excellent with the 3D rendering being flawless, making designing your models and 3D designs very easy indeed.

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BRL-CAD is very good free modeling software. It serves its purpose flawlessly and manages to offer all of the functions that its users require without becoming overly complicated and difficult to use.

As far as free modeling software goes, BRL-CAD is without doubt one of the better tools out there and it’s multi-platform capabilities mean that it is ideal free modeling software for the huge number of people that are able to run it.

So, if you have some 3D modeling to do but don’t want to pay an extortionate fee, BRL-CAD is definitely worth a look, along with some other free .DWG viewers.

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