4 Broken Link Checker Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 4 broken link checker extensions for Chrome which you can use to scan web pages to see if there are any dead links that lead to nowhere. Having a website with dead links isn’t good for several reasons. It’s not nice to leave your readers hanging, the website you link to isn’t getting any love and the search engine rankings of your own website might suffer because of dead links errors.

Let’s look at these extensions below.

Link Checker

broken link checker extensions chrome 1

Link Checker is a broken link checker extension for Chrome that scans web pages for dead links and then colors them in red in case that broken links are found.

You can see the extension in action on the image above. All the links in green are healthy links. Top right corner extension icon will also display a green smiley face if all the links are OK. Broken links are going to be highlighted in red.

Get Link Checker.

Check My Links

broken link checker extensions chrome 2

Check My Links works the same way that Link Checker does, only it has a much more polished up interface.

After clicking on the top right corner icon, a small status window will pop-up where you’ll see links sorted based on their status. Links are also going to be highlighted in green (active) and red (broken) on the web page itself, so that it’s easier to find the ones that aren’t active.

Get Check My Links.

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Link Checker by ahallicks

broken link checker extensions chrome 3

Link Checker by ahallicks has an more smoother interface, and it offers more information about the status of links on a given web page.

Each links that’s healthy and active will have a green check mark next to it. Those links that aren’t active will again be highlighted in red. What’s great about Link Checker by ahallicks is when you hover over the check mark, you’ll be given detailed information on the status of the link, if it’s broken, you’ll see response codes (ie, 401, 301) and more. See it in action on the image above.

Get Link Checker by ahallicks.

Check Broken Links

broken link checker extensions chrome 4

Check Broken Links uses the W3C link checker service to check the status of links on web pages.

With this extension you only get a shortcut to the right click context menu which takes the URL of the web page that you currently have open and automatically loads it into the broken link checker on W3C. For the results you’re taken to the W3C page where the dead link analysis is displayed.

Get Check Broken Links.

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All 4 broken link checker extensions worked great, but the one I like the most is Link Checker by ahallicks. It comes with lots of advanced info about the links, not just their status. Check My Links comes close behind. Give them both a try and don’t forget to leave a comment down below telling me which extension worked best for you.

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