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URL Checker is a free online link checker service which allows you to easily check status of links for a large number of file hosts. Links can be checked online, by using the website, or you can use web browser addons which are available for Chrome and Firefox. Around 250 different file hosting services can be checked with this free online link checker. Link extraction from services like and are also available.

How to check file hosting links with URL Checker Online

By URL Checker Online we’re here referring to the web based URL checker, for which you’ll just need to open up the website.

There’s a total of three ways how you can check links with this free online link checker. All the way at the top you can see an empty field where you can copy and paste the links directly and then check them by clicking on the Check Links button down below.

URL Checker default window

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With the second method, you can extract links from websites, blog posts, folders and so on. You just need to paste the address of the website where the links to files are posted. URL Checker is gonna scan it, extract links and of course check their status.

This free online link status checker can also be used to extract links from link shortening services. That’s what the third option all the way at the bottom is for. It can only check one link at a time. The reason why this is offered because apparently some of these link shortening services are blocked in certain countries, even though the link that’s hidden behind them isn’t.

How to check links with the URL Checker Firefox Addon

URL Checker firefox addon

Firefox addon is available and can be installed the usual way, from the Mozilla’s addons section. First two method of checking links that we mentioned above are also available in the Firefox addon. You can select links, right click on them and then use Check Selected links to check the links directly, or you can just use the Check Download Links in Page option to automatically scoop up and check all the links from the web page.

How to check links with URL Checker Chrome Addon

URL Checker Chrome addon

Google Chrome addon has all the features that the Firefox addon has, it only works differently. Right click only has an option for checking selected links. To extract links from a website and check automatically, you’ll have to click on the toolbar icon all the way at the top.

How many websites are supported by URL Checker free online link checker

A total of 250 file hosting and 250 URL shortening services are supported. All the major file hosters are supported.


URL Checker has a lot to offer, and it’s perfect way of how you can check the status of download links for a large number of file hosting services and not only that, but also to extract links from URL shortening service. Web browser addons integrate everything nicely in Firefox and Chrome. Remember that downloads from file hosting services can be illegal and we do not condone such activity.

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