5 Free Camera Apps For Android

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In this list, we talk about 5 camera apps for Android that will make the camera experience on your smartphone a lot better, and give that “pro-feel” to the snaps that you click. These camera apps complement the camera hardware on your Android device very well, and even if you have a low-res camera hardware, you can take some truly stunning shots through these apps!

Smartphones are evolving at a superhuman pace, and so is the camera hardware that comes installed on it. The cameras on a smartphone have evolved from a VGA shooter to a humongous 41 Megapixel Shooter! But at times, it’s not just the hardware that matters, and in such situations, the below mentioned camera apps for Adroid may come extremely handy-dandy! All of these are easily available from the Google Play Store.


1. HD Camera Ultra

HD Camera Ultra presents a relatively easy to comprehend interface, consisting of a standard viewfinder, and the easily accessible shutter button. The app has some quick toggles and settings as well on this screen, which allow you to switch between the primary and secondary camera modes, and allows you to change the flash settings. The app uses the tap-to-focus methodology, and detailed settings can be accessed via the settings menu through the options softkey.

Main screen of the camera app

Read more about HD Camera Ultra here.

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2. Cartoon Camera

Cartoon Camera is another great camera app for Android. This app allows you to click your (or someone else’s for that matter) photo and easily convert it to a cartoon style so it looks straight out of a comic book! The effect is very polished, and looks very cool. Apart from the cartoon effect, the app also has other effects like sepia, dark strokes, white strokes and colored edge. The app is very smooth and doesn’t drain the battery.


Read more about Cartoon Camera here.

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3. Panorama

Panorama is a camera app for Android which offers a much needed unique feature for special moments that may not be present on your phone’s camera app by default. True to its name, the app allows you to capture stunning wide angled Panoramic images. The way that this app manages to do so is by clicking a series of photos and then seamlessly stitching them together. The results obtained are fantastic and of truly professional quality.

Panorama App Gallery

Read more about Panorama here.

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4. One Man With A Camera

One Man With A Camera is another camera app which has three camera modes – Old camera, Lomo Camera and Underwater camera. Each camera mode has a ton of effects like cross-processing, sepia, black and white, etc. which can be applied to the image that is clicked. All images are clicked in high resolution, and then can be shared o Facebook, etc. The app makes for a great camera app to click great photos and amaze your friends and family with them!

One Man With A Camera - screenshot

Read more about One Man With A Camera here.

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5. Camera 360

Camera 360 is a free Android app that allows you to click photos and apply various effects to them. The app applies photo effects in real-time to the photos captured by your Android phone’s camera. Multiple effects, scenes, tilt shift and color shift etc. are included within this app which makes for professional quality photos. The app allows you to share the clicked photos through the device’s inbuilt sharing options, and you can also customize the app’s settings to a huge extent.

Camera 360 App Camera's

Read more about Camera 360 here.

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So guys, this concludes my list of 5 free camera apps for Android. Which one is your favourite? Do let me know in the comments below!

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