Check which Programs are using Internet Connection with FayeTracker

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FayeTracker can be used to track active internet connections on your computer. This tracking software will not only notify you about active connections that are present on your machine, but it will also show you which processes are responsible for them, which can be very helpful in detecting malware infections.

FAYETracker default window

What you see above, that small square is what waits for you when you open up FayeTracker for the first time. To say that the program interface is small would be an understatement, but good news is that it can be expanded by clicking on that arrow on the right side of the program. Notice the Pause button that’s present to the left? If there is a Pause button present that means that the application is running. Normally when there’s no Pause button, you would see ON button, but program was already running when the picture above was taken. Now you must be wondering how can possibly this small size application, literally small size, help out with viruse detection, well read on and find out.

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Malicious connection detection with FayeTracker

Main purpose of malware, it doesn’t matter if it is viruses, spyware, adware or any other malicious ware that exists out there, its tracking and exploitation of the person who’s infected. In order for malware to do its primary jobs, the ones that were mentioned a second ago, it needs to have an active connection to servers where it can dump collected information or through which hacker which is controlling the malware can exploit computers of the victims for further illegal activities, for example make it a zombie computer in a botnet.

FAYETracker connections

FayeTracker can be used to detect these connections and use them against the hackers who have infected our computers. Process that is connected to the internet on the image above belongs to NOD antivirus and it’s not something to be alarmed about. Good connections will also be mixed with the bad ones, the trick is to detect which ones are bad, and then use the Hacker IP address or remote server IP address field to find out what is the IP address of the remote location where malware is connected to. For detection of harmful processes you’re gonna need some practice, but it basically boils down to tracking which process isn’t familiar to you, Googling the process and reading what kind of comments are associated to it. IP address which FayeTracker will detect can also be used:

FAYETracker IP tracing

Program comes with a built in IP tracer so you can see through where malware is connected to your machine. Full list of services that FayeTracker can do would be this.

  • Internet connection monitoring
  • Checking which processes are using the connection
  • IP tracer
  • IP localizing, to find out the location of an IP address
  • Processes checker – checking if a process is safe or a virus

What FayeTracker does is one of the services that you get with firewalls, so think of FayeTracker as a very light version of a firewall. You won’t get all the options of a firewall, but you get some which will help you keep your system safe.

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Works With: Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista, 7
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