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Paintball is a free FPS game which you can play with your friends for fun. Play digital paint game on your PC with your friends; on different maps of your choice.

Paintball is a real world game in which two or more teams fight with paint guns. You will be given special guns which shoot colors and special clothes, protection to defend them. Paintball is a risky sport in which you need strategy, physical effort, and paint hits very hard. So, this Paintball free FPS game brings you the exact real world experience to you in digital form. So, have fun playing Paintball on your PC.

free fps game paintball

Setup And Gameplay of Paintball:

Paintball is real fun to play on your PC with your friends online. This game is just 25 MB and simple to download unlike other FPS Games that we have discussed earlier. Even though the download size is small it provides a good experience of FPS gaming.

As soon as you download and install the game, you will see a screen asking for login and other details. Just click on cancel option to see the screen that is shown in above screenshot. Click on Setup option as the game will open in a windowed mode. Go to video settings and choose the full screen option to play the game in full screen mode. In setup you can change: video, audio, layout, multiplayer setup, and controls. Now click on play and there you can setup a game for your friends to join. The options available in play option are: multiplayer setup, start new game, and join new game. In multiplayer setup you can change the name of player, network connection, etc. You can also read this review on How to setup LAN multiplayer game to play with your friends. In start new game: you can set the hostname, map, game type, and game map. After you have setup a game ask your friends to join the game by clicking on join new game option game and then start playing.

In this game there are no bullets or blood shed. You get all kinds of guns but when you shoot, paint will be shot at your enemy. The game is fun to play and thrilling too.

paintball free fps game

Controls Of Free FPS Game Paintball:

The controls of Paintball are:

  • [WASD] for movement.
  • Look around with your mouse movement.
  • Left click to shoot the paint.
  • Space to jump.
  • Backspace or 1 or leave the gun.
  • Ctrl to crouch.
  • Shift to run or sprint.
  • [T] to chat with your team members.


Paintball provides an experience of real paintball game on PC. The graphics and sound effects are good to play and enjoy this free FPS game. You can also try other paint related games like: Tag and Telepaint.

Click here to Download Paintball.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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