5 Loan Calculator Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 loan calculator extensions for Chrome which you can use to calculate how much a loan would cost you with interests calculated in and how big monthly installments would be. Taking out a loan is risky business, especially now that the economy is showing very dubious signs of recovery. When taking out a loan, it’s important to carefully read the contract that’s given to you, and it’s very important that you do not rely entirely on calculators mentioned on the list down below. Banks might throw in some of those fine print clauses which could completely change loan terms further down the road.

Let’s look at these calculators below.

Loan Calculator by LC

loan calculator extensions chrome 1

Loan Calculator is a loan calculator app for Chrome which requires 3 pieces of information from you in order to calculate the monthly installments of a loan, amount of the loan, interest rate and the number of years in which the loan needs to be repaid.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given a report which tells you how much your monthly installment is going to be. Scroll a bit further down below and you’ll see a detailed breakdown of how the loan is going to be repaid on a month-to-month basis.

Get Loan Calculator by LC.

Loan Calculator by Daily Calculators

loan calculator extensions chrome 2

Loan Calculator by Daily Calculators has a much more detailed analysis of loans that you take out. As opposed to the previously mentioned loan calculator extension, Loan Calculator by Daily Calculators gives you charts, grouped year-by-year breakdown of monthly installments and more.

Loan setup is pretty much the same here as it is with Loan Calculator by LC. Type in the loan amount, down payment (if there’s any), loan duration and of course interest. Report includes first a summary, followed by graphs and detailed report on monthly installments.

Get Loan Calculator by Daily Calculators.

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Mortgage Loan Calculator

loan calculator extensions chrome 3

Mortgage Loan Calculator is a loan calculator web app that focuses on calculating mortgages. There are actually 19 different calculators rolled up into this tiny loan calculator extension for Chrome.

First option from the sidebar menu is the one that should interest you the most, “Mortgage Payments Calculator”. Others that are available include Mortgage Principal Calculator, Refinance Calculator, Interest Calculator and more. Note that all of these calculators revolve around mortgages.

Get Mortgage Loan Calculator.

Loan Comparison Calculator

loan calculator extensions chrome 4

Loan Comparison Calculator is a special kind of calculator which lets you input info on 2 different loans after which it calculates and compares the results of the two loans.

Type in the loan details of both of the loans, and a detailed calculations of both of them is going to be showed down below, with graphs, total amount paid, interests paid, amortization tables and more.

Get Loan Comparison Calculator.

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Financial Calculator

loan calculator extensions chrome 5

Financial Calculator is another set of multiple loan calculators, but this list doesn’t revolve around calculating mortgage loans only, like Mortgage Loan Calculator.

You can also do EMI loan calculations, loan term, loan amount, interest, deposits and also various returns on investments (like stocks for example).

Get Financial Calculator.


Out of the 5 loan calculator extensions from the list above my favorite is Loan Calculator by Daily Calculators. It offers the most data on loans, data that’s nicely formatted with graphs. Try it first, then use one of the others depending on what your needs are.

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