Turn Your Laptop or PC into a Wireless HotSpot: WiFi HotSpot Creator

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WiFi HotSpot Creator is a free virtual router for Windows which you can use in order to create wireless access points using your laptop or even your desktop PC if you have a wireless adapter installed, either PCI or USB, both will do just fine. Like pretty much every other free hotspot creator that we mentioned before, WiFi HotSpot Creator is very lightweight and very simple to use.

WiFI Hotspot Creator default window

We weren’t lying when we said that this free hotspot creator is very simple to use, and you can see that from the screenshot above. This is the entire interface, all the options that you need in order to create wireless access points for free are available right away, there’s no need to go through menus of any kind. This doesn’t mean that WiFi HotSpot Creator is lacking in features. Some of the more interesting ones are:

  • Guest limits – set limits on the number of guests you want connected
  • Set the name of the wireless network – change it to your liking
  • Password protection of the created wifi hotspot is available
  • Free and very easy to setup – everything is laid out right away
  • Works on Windows – Windows XP and newer are supported

Wireless hotspots are required by an ever increasing number of devices. Smartphones, tablets and even ebook readers are now capable of connecting to WiFi hotspots, and that’s great, but the problems start when people find out that their network routers aren’t wireless capable or the signal can’t reach where they need it. This is exactly the situation where this free hotspot creator can help out, let’s see how exactly.

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How to create wireless hotspots on laptops and desktop PCs for free with WiFi HotSpot Creator

Practically all laptops that are in existence these days have wireless adapters built-in. Perhaps you were connecting using an Ethernet cable, not needing it, here’s how it can now come in handy, if you bought a tablet or one of the other devices that we mentioned before that require wireless hotspots.

WiFI HotSpot Creator setting up

By installing this free virtual wifi router, you’re gonna be converting your laptop into a wireless hotspot. We mentioned a situation where router doesn’t support wireless networks. Connect it with a network cable with your laptop and fire up WiFi HotSpot Creator. Once you’re there enter the name of the wireless network that you’re creating, set password for protection, select adapter from the drop down menu, set the number of clients and click Start. Client limitation is there for security reasons, if someone for example decides to share your password, so that the damage is contained or you can allow only 1 user, yourself. Clicking on Stop will close the wireless hotspot down.


WiFi Hotspot Creator does everything as advertised. Client limiter is a nice touch, which is gonna allow you to have better control over the free wifi hotspots that you create. Procedure that we mentioned above is the same for desktop PCs, you just need to make sure wireless adapters are installed. It’s very easy, try it and see how simple and fast it really is.

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