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All Search is a free Windows Sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7. This allows you to search through 10 different search engines as well as other applications for information that you may need. This can save time when looking through engines to find information that you need and need quickly. This gadget is supported by both Vista and Windows 7. For seeing your search results, you can set any browser as your default browser, including, Opera, Chrome, IE or Firefox as the default browser. It has several different features such as size adjustable, 16 colorful backgrounds and new window for searches that you are doing.

All Search is a valuable free software tool for Windows Sidebar that can make searching for information much easier to do. All you do in enter a search term and hit enter. The results come up quickly and can be cross referenced. This is a time saver for those that need to get information quickly without having to go through search engine after search engine. This little gadget puts a stop to that and searches through 10 different engines to get your information to you quickly and one the same page. This is convenience for anyone looking up information.

What you need to have when using All Search is a Windows Live Sidebar. This comes with both Windows Vista and Windows 7. To access this particular gadget, all you have to do is go to the sidebar and click on gadgets. You can search through the gadgets on the sidebar or you can also access this particular gadget through the main page of the Windows Live Sidebar. Installation is easy. Just double click on the gadget and Windows will ask you if you want to install this on the sidebar. Click yes and the gadget installs on the sidebar.

Features of All Search Gadget for Windows Sidebar:

  • Works with Windows 7 and Vista
  • 10 different search engines to search from
  • Uses IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome as basic search engine windows
  • Fly out or new window options
  • Multi language support
  • Auto update notification
  • 16 colorful backgrounds to choose from
  • Size adjustable

If you are not on Windows 7 or Vista, you can try other free desktop search engine, like, Exalead Desktop Search, and DocFetcher.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista

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