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Exalead Destop Search is another free file search engine which promises to quickly find whatever you want in your computer. It uses a beautiful interface to quickly find files for free, wherever they are stored on your computer and attached drives.

Fortunately, Exalead Desktop Search delivers exactly what it promises. With a beautiful interface and some nice features Exalead Desktop Search sure puts itself above simpler competitors like Windows Desktop Search, and Google Desktop Search. Exalead is another great alternative to Windows default search system.

Also, Exalead Desktop Search is a great free search tool for those who need to find content within a document or PDF file. Thanks to Exalead Desktop Search, the headache of opening each file one by one to find the content is unnecessary.

Exalead Desktop Search also has an impressive and modern interface. It’ll sure please everyone.

How to Use Exalead Desktop Search:

Before downloading Exalead Desktop Search the website requires a quick registration. After you register you can download and install the free file search engine.

Exalead Desktop Search has a simple, yet visually stunning browser-based interface. Exalead Desktop Search can index 120 different file extensions. After indexing all the files, the free search tool is ready to go. Just type the name of a folder or file and you can find it in seconds.

After finding the results you can still filter them by using the helpful panel on the right side of your screen. Also, by the left side of your results there should be small previews which should help you to narrow down the results provided by the free file search engine.

Exalead Desktop Search also supports advanced search parameters in order to help you find files for free. To learn more about them please refer to the official website for further instructions. It’s also important to note that not only you can find things with in your computer but simultaneously you will also see results from the internet with this free search tool.

Features of Exalead Desktop Search:

  • Quickly find everything you want.
  • Search your files’ content.
  • Nice browser interface.
  • Automatically checks spelling.
  • Index 120 extensions.

Exalead Desktop Search is fantastic free file search engine that ranks right up with Hulbee Desktop and Copernic Desktop Search Home as the best free search tool on the market.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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