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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is an online service where you can create interesting visual representations of Twitter accounts. All the interests that a certain profile has, and also all the people who are being followed by that same profile will be displayed to you when you do a search for someone or even yourself on default window

As you can see from the image above, is still in development, the website is still in beta, but we haven’t encountered any kind of problems when we were checking out Twitter profile interests. To use you don’t have to register, all that you have to do is enter the name of the Twitter profile that you’re interested in checking, it can be a person or a group, anything as long as it’s on Twitter, and when you’re finished typing click on Go. As you type you’ll receive result suggestions which is a nice thing for all those who aren’t exactly sure what the name of the Twitter profile that they’re interested in looking up is.

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How to check the interests of a certain Twitter profile with

Like we already mentioned, to see what someone likes on Twitter, you’ll need to open up the website and enter the name of the profile that you’re interested in checking. If the account doesn’t allow information to be shared, you won’t be able to see all the interests and information about the profile, since it’s an invasion of privacy. Image above shows that the search filed has @ at the start of it, which means that here we need to enter the profile name that we want to access. searching

We decided to checkup on the best free software blog in the Universe, us :), so typed in our Twitter profile name, as we typed down below we were receiving suggestions of things that we might be interested in until at last only our Twitter profile was left on the list. You can either click on Go or you can select the profile from the list, the result is the same: results listed

This would be the result, information from our Twitter profile has been collected by the engine, everything that we like, all of the people in our Twitter network have been scooped up and displayed to us to see. Information about our interests is shown in the form of the tag bubble which you can see at the top of the image, list of interests on the left and at the center we can see all the profiles that we’re following.


With you can look for people who have similar interests to yours, check their profiles, see what they care about in the tag cloud, or by checking the list of people who they are following and then make up your mind if you’d like to become their follower or not. Since is in beta, not all of Twitter has been indexed, but major players will be there for sure, and you can easily find out who likes what on Twitter, with, for free.

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