5 Retro Games Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 retro game extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to play older games like Mario, Pacman, Space Invaders, and Snake inside your Chrome web browser. When I was growing up these games were all the rage and they are still a lot of fun to play this day. A lot of people who are reminiscent of the past now are playing indie games. If you’d like to enjoy the real thing, retro games that most of us played when we were little, then make sure to check out emulator extensions from the list down below. They are great remakes made specifically for Chrome.

Mario Bros

I hope that I don’t have to explain what this extension is all about. Super Mario is one of the most popular games ever. With this extension you’ll be able to enjoy Super Mario inside Chrome.

retro game emulators chrome 1

Controls are a bit unusual, Z key for example is for jumping, but don’t worry, it’s not overly complicated to figure out how to move about, it’s Mario after all. A small bonus is that you get to play Mario levels with different retro characters, like Link, Mega Man, Samus, Bill R. from Contra and more. Game is very fun and addictive, and it runs offline once loaded.

Get Mario Bros.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is another very popular retro game where the Earth needs to be defended from invading aliens.

retro game emulators chrome 2

Here everything is like you probably remember it from way back when. Direction keys are used for moving left and right and the space bar is used for firing on the alien invaders. Load up the game by clicking on the top right corner icon.

Get Space Invaders.

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Duck Hunt

I remember losing hours and hours playing Duck Hunt with friends. Now a small drawback of these retro game extensions is that special controllers like for example the gun controller cannot be used with them.

retro game emulators chrome 3

Duck Hunt is where having the gun controller would really be fun. Using the mouse just isn’t the same. It’s actually very difficult to hit the flying ducks, but if you’re nostalgic about retro games, Duck Hunt is a must have.

Get Duck Hunt.


Asteroids is a retro game extension that makes it easy to dodge asteroids from within Chrome. Game is accessed by left clicking on the top right corner icon.

retro game emulators chrome 4

You can see the extension in action on the image above. You play it using the directional keys, left and right for turning the ship and the forward button for acceleration. This retro extension is very fun and true to the original when it comes to gameplay.

Get Asteroids.

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Last place on this list of retro game extensions for Chrome is reserved for the globally popular Pacman, which can be seen playing the role of a bad guy in the recently published Pixels movie.

retro game emulators chrome 5

This extension is a great remake of Pacman. Everything is just like it was back in the days when this game was all the rage. Directional keys are used for controlling Pacman. Game can be accessed by clicking on its top right corner icon, and once it’s loaded for the first time it can be launched and played offline.

Get Pacman.


All 5 of these retro game extensions from the list above are great and picking a favorite is impossible. Every fan of retro games should check them out and also all the other similar extensions which are available out there.

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