5 Websites to Play Free 8 Bit Games Online

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Here is a list of 5 websites to play free 8 bit games online. These website let you play retro and classic games for free and without any need of registration. These websites offer games which were extremely popular in the retro era as well as which are still unknown to many of us. All in all, these websites are a good way of discovering some cool 8 bit games along with reliving the old days.

You only have to go to any of the websites listed here, search for game(s), and start playing. So, let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

1. 80s Top Games:

80s Top Games

80s Top Games is the best website in the list to play 8 bit games online. This website has very large amount of games, 4000+, for you to play and they are well categorized on the basis of their consoles. Some of the consoles are: Amstard, Arcade, Apple II, Atari 2600, Atari ST, Nintendo, Sega, and many more. There is also a search bar which you can use to search for a specific game on a specific console. When you will click on the name of the game, it will be started for you to play.

2. 8bbit.com:


8bbit.com has the good collection of 8-bit games. The website has made categories of all the games on the basis of alphabets, so you can click on a particular alphabet to play all games included in it.  Clicking on any game will show you the controls for playing via your keyboard and mouse. You can then start playing the game instantly. While playing the game, you will see the options to mark the game as Favorite, share with others, see the game cheats and a comment box to comment your views.

The unique feature of the website is that if you have an account with them, then you can also save your game progress and resume later. Besides this, the website also has a list of Highest Rated Games and Most Played Games along with their individual counter.

3. 8bit.com:


8bit.com is the third website in the list to play 8 bit games. The website includes various 8 bit games and lists them with a thumbnail image and the game name. Clicking on the game name starts it instantly and you can start playing it straight away. The game controls vary from game to game but they will be explained to you before the start of each game. There are no other options for you to explore. You only have to go to game’s list, click on the one you want to play, and play it.

4. 8Bit Flash Games:

8bit Flash Games

8Bit Flash Games has a collection of 41 8-bit games for you to play. It also shows thumbnails of the games but they are larger in size, making it easier for you to identify them. Hovering the mouse over thumbnail reveals the information regarding the game. You can also browse games on the basis of categories like Shooter, Puzzle, Platform, Strategy, Adventure, etc. Each game has its own gameplay and controls making each of them different from others. Clicking on the thumbnail image opens the game for you to play. You can also post comments about any of the game like your views, your score, any bug, etc. Apart from categories, you can browse for game via archives as well.

 5. SilverGames:


SilverGames is the last website in the list to play 8-bit games online. You can browse them across different categories like New, Hot, Best, Most Played, and Random Game. There is also categorization on the basis of genre like Action, Racing, Shooting, Puzzle, etc. Clicking the game name will open the page from where you can play it. There is an option for you to give feedback as Like or Dislike. You can also read about the game like controls, description, and rating % (total number of votes).

These are the 5 free websites to play free 8-bit games online. Check them out to relive the moments of 80s and 90s era. If you know some more good websites, then feel free to share them via comments section below.

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