3 Globe Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 3 globe software for Windows 10 which allow you to use a globe on your Windows 10 powered desktops, tablets and laptops. Globe software will help you view Earth similarly to how an actual globe would, only much more advanced features are available. You won’t find things like location search, directions, zoom, etc. on standard globes.

Let’s see what kind of applications are available, and how good are they working on Windows 10.


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I’m starting this list with Marble, one of the most popular globe software out there. It works just fine on Windows 10 and also on Linux and Mac, seeing how it’s cross platform. I had zero issues getting it to work on Windows 10. Marble has a small size, yet everything in the default installation is available offline, you don’t need an internet connection to use any of its default functionalities.

Left section of the interface lets you search for locations, arrange directions and also determine your exact location if you have GPS enabled device. Globe can be found on the right. Zooming and panning are possible using the mouse of keyboard shortcuts. Bookmarks are available to help you remember locations more easily.

Get Marble.

Also, have a look at Virtual Globe and World Atlas Software: Marble.

Google Earth

marble software windows 10 2

Google Earth probably needs not introductions. It’s even more popular than Marble. Similar set of features is available, but with a couple of differences.

Marble works offline, which I already mentioned, but Google Earth doesn’t work offline, because it uses Google maps to render previews of area once you start zooming in on the globe. Application will technically speaking work if you’re offline, but it won’t be as precise. Point A to B directions are available, and there are other cool things like 3D renderings of building, images of the selected area, etc. Pretty much everything that’s available on Google Maps is available in Google Earth.

Get Google Earth.


marble software windows 10 3

MapSphere is a globe software that has maps from several sources, OpenStreetMaps, Terraserver and Microsoft Live search. It’s not just a map view that you get. Satellite view is also available, from every one of the 3 map sources that I mentioned.

You will need to be online for the maps to load, but there’s caching which will save the map locally when you need it next time. GPS modules can be used with the application to help locate yourself on the map more effectively. Account can be registered with the application, and the website, for more advanced features like setting up trip plans. To get an actual globe type of experience, you’ll have to click on the 3D button in the top toolbar, seeing how the software loads up a 2D map by default.

Get MapSphere.

Also, have a look at Free Space Exploration Software: NASA Eyes.


All three globe software from the list above are feature rich and they all work just fine on Windows 10. Google Earth is my pick if you have access to the Internet. Marble on the other hand is perfect for everyone that’s old school and doesn’t have access to the internet at all times, or where they would like to use a globe. Let me know which globe software you ended up using by leaving a comment down below.

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