4 Free Websites To Learn How Things Work

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Here is a list of 4 free websites to learn how things work. These websites provide you information about a lot of things across different categories.

Gone are the days when books and school were the only two helpful resources to gain knowledge. Over the years, Internet has grown to become one of the most efficient and advanced platform to  gather knowledge and information about various things. But, what if you do not have to go to different websites to learn things? What if you could learn about some of most interesting facts and things from just one place? The websites mentioned below let you do exactly that.

The websites to learn how things work reviewed in this article are Animagraff, HowStuffWorks, Stuff You Should Know, and FW: Thinking. 



The first free website to learn how things work is Animagraff. This is a very informative website with an absolutely amazing interface. There are some amazing graphics on display on this website and animated tutorials are also available for various things.

On this website, you can learn various things about a car engine, a handgun, a jet engine, and more. Apart from this, the tutorials available on this website include topics like cheetah’s speed, learning to moonwalk. These tutorials and articles are very rich in quality, and you can access all these topics and information simply by clicking on the relevant option. No registration or sign up is required to read all this. The only drawback among all this is that the website covers a very few topics. There are only about 7 topics you can read about at this time. Nevertheless, this is a nice platform with amazing graphics.

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learn how things work

Moving on, the second website to learn how things work is HowStuffWorks. This is another free platform that provides loads of information without requiring you to create any account or anything. Simply visit the website from the link provided above and start reading. There are some very useful articles on a lot of topics.

On the home page of the website you will see different tabs like health, entertainment, science, lifestyle, etc. In each of these tabs, there are multiple articles on topics relevant to that particular category. The articles are quite long, elaborate, and provide good information. Apart from the articles, you will also find a list of videos, and quizzes on this website. You can enjoy all this without paying anything.

Stuff You Should Know:

learn how things work

The third website to learn how things work is Stuff You Should Know. The website has a beautiful interface and some very interesting articles & audio for you to read, listen respectively. There is also an introductory video that makes you familiar with the content of the website. You can watch this video by clicking on the video option given on top of the home page.

Basically, this website is one of the many franchisee of “HowStuffWorks”. But, the content available om the website is completely different.  There are two authors, Josh and Chuck, and they introduce you to all the interesting content on this website. Every week, both of them provide you with some new and interesting articles and audio lessons to go through. They are from different categories and a fun read. The audio lessons available on the website can also be downloaded by you both from the website and iTunes. This is one feature that is very exclusive and makes this website stand apart. There are many other articles available as well that you can read by clicking on the provided links.

FW: Thinking:

learn how things work

FW: Thinking is the final website reviewed in this article that you can go through to learn how things work. This website is also associated with “HowStuffWorks”, but is independent and original in its content. You do not have to create any account to view and read the content available on this website.

This website can be broadly divided into three parts: Videos, Podcast, and Blog. These are the names of three tabs shown on top of the home page. The video tab, quite obviously, includes various videos on different topics. You can watch videos on topics like How you can erase memory, how video games play a role in your life and more. In the podcast tab, there are audio lessons available on different topics. You can download these audio lessons on your system for free. Lastly, the blog tab has free articles on topics ranging from health, technology, science, and more. You can read all these articles and even share them online.

So, all these above mentioned websites act as a nice source to increase your knowledge about various things. The content is unlimited and all you need is the appetite to learn new things. Try them out and give us your feedback.


HowStuffWorks app:

learn how things work

If you are a Windows 8 user and looking for something that you can access easily from your desktop, then this is one nice option available for you. The website HowStuffWorks, mentioned above, also has a free app for its Windows 8 users. It has all the same articles, information, etc., as is available on the website, and all you need to do is install the app and get going. This app is available for free in the entertainment category on Windows 8 app store.

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