5 Free Websites To Learn Paper Mache Art

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn Paper Mache art. They provide you with online tutorials and videos to learn different figures, masks, faces, etc. Paper Mache can prove to be a very tricky activity if your material and mixtures are not perfect. Your figures will just not turn out to be the way you want them to. So, to ensure that you are going in the right direction, these online platforms emphasize a lot on material and mixtures in their tutorials.

The 5 free websites, to learn Paper Mache art, that I have reviewed here are Videojug, Ultimate Paper Mache, The Paper Mache Resource, Crafts for kids, and Enchanted Learning.



The first website to learn Paper Mache art is Videojug. The website provides you with lots of video tutorials to learn to make different figures, masks, etc. There are multiple videos under categories like Most viewed, Newest, Hot new. These tutorials are very descriptive and elaborate. You get to learn everything in a step by step manner. From the material required to the whole procedure, the videos explain everything. Some of the things that you can learn on this website are a paper Mache head, fox puppet, Dragon, Monster etc. New video tutorials are uploaded from time to time, so you can keep coming back to find new things to learn.

Try out Videojug here.

Ultimate Paper Mache:

Ultimate Paper Mache-learn paper mache art-masks

The second website to learn Paper Mache art is Ultimate Paper Mache. On this website, you will get various Paper Mache tutorials by different experts. The Paper Mache Tutorials tab contains lots of video and written tutorials on different faces, masks, dolls, puppets etc. You can filter your search by searching for specific projects like Easy Paper Mache project, Paper Mache clay projects. In these projects, you get to learn how to make different types of masks, dolls etc., by different artists. The artists also share their real life experiences while trying to make a Paper Mache. As I said in the beginning, the website takes special care of the material you use. A separate tab is there, wherein you can read tips and technique of how to prepare perfect mixtures.

Try Ultimate Paper Mache here.

The Paper Mache Resource:

The Paper Mache Resource

The third website to learn Paper Mache art is The Paper Mache Resource. You get to learn various different Paper Mache Art on this website by different artists. The website does not provide any video tutorials, and there are only written tutorials on how to create different figures. In the beginning of every tutorial, the artist mentions the required material and technique in detail. For beginners, the website has separate articles where they are given the basic knowledge and taught the required technique. These articles can be read in the Articles tab. To put in one sentence, this website is a good platform to learn various Paper Mache figures and technique.

Try the Paper Mache Resource here.

Craft for Kids:

Craft for Kids

The penultimate website in this list to learn Paper Mache art is Craft for Kids. It contains lots of different tutorials for kids of all ages. There are tutorials that children as small as 3 years can also try out. The website, against every Paper Mache tutorial, mentions the minimum age limit required to learn that craft. This is done to ensure that only kids who are aware of the material being used and have the maturity to handle complications should undertake that craft. The tutorials are very elaborate and images are available after every step, for better understanding. The website does not provide any video tutorials.

Try Craft for Kids here.

Enchanted Learning:

Enchanted Learning

Enchanted Learning is the final website to learn Paper Mache art. The website is mainly meant for children where they can learn to make different figures. It is meant for children because the figures that are taught and explained on this website are very basic, simple and children can relate to them. You can learn to make things like Dinosaur eggs, Hats, Piggy bank, Globe etc. The items you can learn on this website are also very limited (around 15). All these website are shown on the home page, and you can choose the one from which you would like to read the tutorial. The tutorials are brief and simple (since the items are also simple to make) and there are no video tutorials available.

Try Enchanted Learning here.


All the above mentioned will prove to be very helpful. You will learn to make lots of different figures, masks etc. using all the rough material available in your house. Try them out and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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