Don’t Tap the White Tiles Game App for Windows 8

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Don’t Tap the White Tiles is a free Windows 8 visual game with a new concept. In this game, you need to tap on lowest Black tiles and avoid tapping White tiles. The game sounds to be quite simple and easy to play, but it is a fun and very interesting game. Once you start playing the game, you will find yourself busy with the game for hours.

Basically, as soon as you start the game, the tiles start moving vertically, and the speed keeps on increasing as the time elapses. You need to quickly tap on Black tiles, ensuring you don’t tap on White tile, or your game will be over.

The game is very easy to play but is equally challenging. This visual game tests your visual skills and how fast your mind can react. Be accurate and quick to score high. But avoid tapping White tiles else the game is over.

Don't Tap the White Tiles-Classic Mode


The game is already very popular on iOS and Android platforms (it is known as “Piano Tiles” on iOS), and now it is available for Windows 8 as well.

This game has 5 interesting modes: Arcade, Classic, Zen, Rush, and Relay. Choose any one mode as per your interest and enjoy the game. The Piano tunes of the game make it more interesting.

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Gameplay of Don’t Tap the White Tiles visual game for Windows 8:

You can get Don’t Tap the White Tiles game app free from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

The objective of the game is simple, you just need to tap lowest Black tiles without missing any tile. But while tapping Black tiles, you need to avoid tapping the White tiles.

Don't Tap the White Tiles-Play

After launching the app, you will find different modes on the screen: Arcade, Classic, Zen, Rush, and Relay. All the modes are interesting and fun to play.

Don't Tap the White Tiles-Home

  • Arcade: In this mode, you can test how many Black tiles you can tap. But remember you can’t miss any Black tile and can’t tap any White tile as well.
  • Classic: In this mode, you need to tap 50 tiles in the minimum time.
  • Zen: In this mode, tap as many tiles as you can in 30 seconds.
  • Rush: This mode tests how many tiles can you tap per second.
  • Relay: In this mode, you need to get 40 tiles in 10 seconds. When you will achieve the target tile, you will be given additional 10 seconds to get another 40 tiles. I find this mode to be very interesting.

Choose any mode as per your interest and skills and get started. Be as fast as you can and use your visual skills as well.

After selecting any mode, you will get White and Black tiles placed next to each other. Start tapping with lowest Black tile. And the tiles will immediately start moving vertically. This is infinite vertical scrolling game.

You can share your score of any mode with your friends using Windows 8 share charm and hence can compete with them as well.

Don't Tap the White Tiles-Classic Score

The game doesn’t sounds to be interesting. But when you will start the game, you will definitely enjoy the game. The game is designed for every age group and can be enjoyed anytime. So start tapping, and enjoy the game.

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Don’t Tap the White Tiles is an interesting visual game for your Windows 8 to test you speed and accuracy. The crown jewel of this game is its different modes: Arcade, Classic, Zen, Rush, and Relay. You will surely enjoy this game.

Get Don’t Tap the White Tiles here.

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