Piano Tiles: iPhone Arcade Game To Tap Black Tiles and Avoid White Tiles

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Piano Tiles (earlier known as Don’t Tap The White Tile) is a free iPhone arcade game in which you have to tap on black tiles while avoiding to tap on white tiles. This game is one of the Top 10 Free Games on iTunes App Store and I was observing it for last 2 weeks. Due to this, my curiosity increased as I always used to think that how can a game become so popular with such a simple game play of tapping black tiles and avoiding the white tiles. Finally, today I couldn’t stop myself and I installed this game on my iPhone.

Even after the installation and launch of the game, it looked very ordinary game to me because of no attractive visuals, graphics or any amazing background sound. But the moment I started playing the game, my opinion changed completely. I found that the game is really addictive and most importantly, its not that simple as it seems after reading the gameplay. Lets see what is so unique about the game which made me change my opinion right away.

Piano Tiles

Gameplay of Piano Tiles:

As I already said that the game play of Piano Tiles is simple and easy: Tap on the Black Tiles and Avoid The White Tiles. This is the first and last rule to remember for playing this game. Apart from this, do remember that you have to tap on the black tiles in a sequence from bottom to top without skipping even any one of the black tile. In case, you skipped one then you need to tap it again to continue playing the game. While doing all these, you can’t afford to tap on white tiles as the very moment you will tap on it, the game will get over. One more interesting thing as you will tap on the tiles, it produces melodious sound. It means that you will get a feel that you are playing a piano.

Piano Tiles Homepage

The thing which makes this game so interesting and addictive is its 5 different modes. All of these 5 modes are so impressive that its guaranteed that you will remain hooked to this game. The game has following 5 modes: Classic, Arcade, Zen, Rush, and Relay.

Playing Piano Tiles

  • Classic: You need to tap on 50 black tiles in the minimum possible time to complete the game.
  • Arcade: This mode has no time limit, so try to tap black tiles as many as you can before hitting the white tile.
  • Zen: Tap on maximum number of black tiles with in time limit of 30 seconds.
  • Rush: The Rush mode is similar to the Arcade mode as it doesn’t have any time limit to bound you. The only difference is that in this mode you have to try to play the game for the longest possible time. So, instead of focusing on the number of tiles tapped, focus on the time duration for which you were able to play the game.
  • Relay: This is the most intense and exciting mode of the game as you have got a target of tapping 50 tiles within a limit of 10 seconds. If you are able to do so, then game continues to go on until you tap the white tile.

High Scores

Apart from this, you can personalize the game according to your preferences by tapping on More tile. From here, you can choose the following:


  • Sound: Default, Piano, or Off.
  • Tiles Movement: Choose whether you want tile movement to be faster or smoother by sliding a slider.
  • Rest Reminder: This option reminds you to take rest after playing a certain number of games. You can set it for between 0 to 50 games.
  • Leaderboard: Check your global score and rank via Game Center.

Final Verdict:

Piano Tiles is a very simple yet impressive and addictive arcade game for iPhone. I am completely hooked to this game, from the time I installed it. One of my colleague, Laxman is also hooked to this game and we keep on challenging each other to break the high score set by one another. This game is really making both of us go crazy to become the highest scorer.

Get Piano Tiles here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
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