5 Free Piano Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free piano apps for iPhone. Piano is one of the oldest and most popular among all the musical instruments. There have been many great legends like Mozart who played piano to create melodies and beautiful compositions.

If you also want to get the feel of playing piano, no matter whether you are looking for serious music or just for fun, these 5 free piano apps for iPhone will surely help you in reaching your goal. So don’t wait anymore, just continue to read to know which app matches your needs.

1. Magic Piano By Smule:

Magic Piano By Smule

Magic Piano by Smule is one of the best piano apps for iPhone available on the iTunes. You can choose either to play any tune of your choice or you can play the tunes of any song present in the app. If you choose to play tunes on the songs present in the app, then app has 3 modes for you: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The app rewards you with XP points and Smule Coins on the completion of each song. The XP points helps you to unlock next levels while Smule Coins helps you to unlock the paid songs. Besides this, the app has Daily Challenge, Player Challenge, and Achievements section.

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Get the Magic Piano by Smule here.

2. Virtuoso Piano Free 3:

Virtuoso Piano Free 3

Virtuoso Piano Free 3 is an another beautiful and truly amazing piano app for iPhone. This app is one of those piano apps which supports multi-touch due to which you can touch multiple keys at a single point of time and all of them will produce sound. One more cool feature of this app is TrueVelocity 2. This feature lets you control the intensity level of the sound by pressing the keys. It means that if you will press the keys softly then produced sound will also be soft and if you will press them hard then sound will be loud. You can choose from two types of pianos: Grand Piano and Broken Pub Piano. The app has one more interesting feature using which you can select any song from your playlist to play in background while you are playing the tune using the app.

Get the Virtuoso Piano Free 3 here.

3. Piano ∞:

Piano ∞

Piano ∞ (pronounced as Piano Infinity) is free piano app for iPhone which comes loaded with a lot of features. The app has 4 main features: Play, Create, Learn, and Jam. The Play section lets you to play any tune of your choice. You can also customize the piano from here like its color, sound level, beats rate, key width etc. To save the tunes played by you, go to Create section. If you want to learn how to play some of the popular tunes on piano, then Learn section is for you. This section has a few free songs while the rest can be purchased from within the app. The last section called Jam lets you play the different tunes of pre-recorded song without any need of learning them.

Get the Piano ∞ here.

4.Touch Piano! (Free):

Touch Piano!

The next piano app is Touch Piano! (Free). The best feature of the app is that it lets you choose from 4 sound packs: Piano, Organ, Music Box, and Guitar. You can use this app to play any tune of your choice with the option of recording and saving the tune played by you. You can also play songs from your iPhone’s playlist and then play tunes along with the selected song.

Get the Touch Piano! (Free) here.

5. Zen Piano:

Zen Piano

The Zen Piano is a simple and easy to use piano app for iPhone. This app offers basic functions for recording and saving the tunes. Besides this, this app is designed by keeping main focus on TapForce Technology. This technology is the patent technology of this app’s developers. The TapForce Technology basically senses your touch on the keys of piano and produces sound on the basis of the intensity of touch. This technology helps you in creating the real sounding tunes.

Get the Zen Piano here.

These were the 5 free piano apps for iPhone with each of them having their specific set of qualities and features. Do try them out to get a taste of each of them and don’t forget to share the name of the app, which you like the most, with me.

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