Free iPhone Fun Game To Play Tunes Of Songs On Piano: Magic Piano

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Magic Piano is a free iPhone fun game in which you have to play the tune of song on the Piano. The game has a large collection of the songs which can be played by you.

All the songs are divided across multiple categories: Suggested, My Songs, Top 10, New Songs, Free Songs, and Genre etc. Some of these songs are paid while others can be unlocked by using Smula Coins. The Smula Coins can be earned by clearing the levels of the game.

The game has 3 different modes to play: Daily Challenge, Player Challenge, and Achievements. If you want to play the piano without playing the game, then game has an option called Solo for you. You can also link your Facebook account with the game.

Playing The Tunes

Playing This Free iPhone Piano Game:

You can get this piano game for iPhone either by searching on iTunes App Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. When you launch the game, it starts with the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. While playing the game, you will see the dots coming towards you. You have to tap on them to create the music. You receive the points depending upon how close the tune, produced by you, matches with the original tune. To get more points, try to tap the dot when they are nearer to you on the screen.

When time gets over, your points are calculated. If you have earned the minimum number of the points which is required to cross a particular level, then it unlocks the next level. On completing a level, you get to choose a song from the available list of songs.

Scoring Points

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If you want to save your progress, then you have register for an account with the app by tapping on the cloud icon at the top left corner. You can register either using Facebook or email address.

Each of the song that you play has 3 levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each of the difficulty level differs in the respect of use of fingers and speed of arrival of the dots. The Easy level requires the use of only 1-2 fingers at a time but the Medium and Hard can require up to 4 fingers at a time.

Different Levels

Other Features of this Free iPhone Piano Game:

Now that you know the gameplay of this game, let me explain to you the other features of the game. You can access these features by tapping on the cloud icon at the top left corner. All the features of this game will be displayed in the form of sidebar.

  • Daily Challenge: The game provides you with a new song to play everyday. You have to play the song and try to come in the Top 250 players. If you are able to do it then you receive a song for free, but remember, you can play the song only once in the whole day.
  • Player Challenge: You can challenge your friends for a competition using this feature.
  • Songbook: It is the collection of all the songs which are available for playing. It includes all the free and paid ones plus the songs unlocked by you after wining the level or the daily challenge. The paid songs can be unlocked by either using real money or using Smula Coins.

    Your Songbook

  • Achievements: It is the collection of all the achievement that you may have earned or going to earn while playing the game.
  • Solo: Using this feature, you can play the piano in freestyle without playing the game. It means you will not receive any points and you can even play your custom tunes. This feature has 3 types of pianos to choose from.

    Freestyle Piano

  • World: You can listen to the tunes that are being currently played by other users around the World. If you like the tune then you can appreciate it by giving a heart or you can just move on to next tune.

    World Section

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Final Verdict:

Magic Piano is a very entertaining iPhone fun app which keeps you entertained for a long time. You get to play the tunes of some of the most popular songs. I also like the Solo where I can play my own music without worrying about points or levels. If you are a piano lover, then do try this game.

Get the Magic Piano fun game from here.

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