Free Fun Game for iPhone To Train The Ninja: Clumsy Ninja

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Clumsy Ninja is a fun game for iPhone in which you have to train a clumsy ninja so that he can find his missing friend Kira. You can also interact with the ninja by touching, swiping or tapping on the screen. The ninja responds to your swipes very quickly and that too differently each time. You have to train the ninja by using various training techniques like punching the punch bag, jumping on the trampoline, exercises etc. Whenever you trains the ninja, you receive XPs, Gold and Diamond points. You can use these points to move up the level and buy different items from the Ninja kit. You can also click the picture of the ninja any time to share with friends or save to your device. The game also lets you link your Facebook account with it so that you can earn more rewards and compete with friends to check who trains the ninja fast.

 Clumsy Ninja

Key Features Of This Fun Game:

  • Free to download and use.
  • Train your clumsy ninja to make him swift and sharp ninja.
  • The ninja feels all your touches and responds accordingly.
  • Travel with ninja to meet new people and complete new challenges.
  • Help the ninja to find his missing friend Kira.
  • Capture the picture of ninja any time and share it via Facebook, Twitter or save it to your device.
  • Customize ninja as the way you wish.
  • Connect your Facebook account with the game to earn more rewards and compete with friends.

Game Play Of This Fun Game:

You can download the Clumsy Ninja fun game either by searching on iTunes App Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. The main game play of this fun game revolves around a ninja who is very clumsy as compared to most of the ninjas who are fast and sharp in their activities. His friend Kira is missing and he is determined to find her. Your aim is to train the ninja and help him in finding his friend Kira. The ninja responds to every swipe and touch that you do on the screen. You will always see something different whenever you touch, swipe or tap on the screen. You can lift up ninja, push him, pull him, tickle him. You can make him do almost anything.

Training and Ninja Guru

While playing the game, you will see a ninja guru who will help you in training the ninja. He will also guide you in finding Kira. You have to complete specific tasks mentioned by ninja guru. Whenever you complete any task, you receive XPs, Gold and Diamond points. These XPs will help your ninja gain experience and eventually make him sharper and swifter. The Gold and Diamond points can be used to buy various items from ninja kit like punch bags, trampoline, special items and fun stuff.


One more important thing that will help you in finding ninja’s friend Kira is The Path of The Ninja. It is a map which shows you all the levels that you need to complete on your quest to find Kira. You can also check the levels completed by you and the levels left to be completed.

Path of the Ninja

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Final Verdict:

The Clumsy Ninja is a very entertaining game to play. I found the response of ninja towards my touches and swipes to be very quick and hilarious. The game also has very good graphics which makes it look more beautiful and pleasant. The journey of finding Kira is also very interesting and you have to go through all the trainings that a real ninja has to do. This game is surely worth the install and play.

Get the Clumsy Ninja from here.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
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