2048 Puzzle Game for iPhone

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2048 is a free iPhone puzzle game in which you have to match the tiles to reach the tile containing number 2048. In this game, you have to match the tiles containing the same number to reach the target which is 2048. While reading about the game, it sounds so simple that how difficult it can be when it just requires you to match the tiles. But trust my words, this iPhone puzzle game is one of those games which will make you scratch your heads and make you doubt your own intelligence level.

The game is highly addictive because of many different reasons like the interface, level of difficulty, and most importantly its unique style of game play. The game doesn’t have special power-ups, boosters, or life lines like other iPhone puzzle games but this very thing makes this game stand apart from the others. The only extra feature available is that it syncs with your Game Center and Facebook account so that you can check your achievements and rank in leaderboard. Now, I am explaining the real game play of the game including the part of how to play this game.

2048 iPhone Puzzle Game

Game Play Of 2048 iPhone Puzzle Game:

As I said that game is very simple with no additional features so every time you will launch the game, it will start the new game unless you haven’t closed it earlier in the middle of a game. On the start of the game, you will find a board with 16 boxes. In this board, there will be two tiles containing combination of either 2 & 2, 2 & 4, or 4 & 4. You can swipe the tiles in any of the four direction inside the box. Whenever you will swipe on the screen, a new tile will appear on the screen with containing either 2 or 4 number.

2048 Home Screen

While swiping the tiles, try to swipe them in such a way that you can make two tiles containing the same number merge which will result in a single tile of higher number. For example, you have 3 tiles containing 2, 4,  and, 2 number then you have to try to swipe the tiles in a way that the two tiles containing number 2 merge and produce number 4. Now, you can swipe this tile of 4 number with the earlier tile of 4 number to get the tile with number 8. This way, you need to continue swiping the tiles until you reach the tile containing the number 2048.

2048 Game Play Tutorial

If in any situation, you don’t have tiles with same number to merge then swipe the screen to make extra tiles appear. While doing all this, you also need to make sure that the whole screen doesn’t get filled with tiles otherwise game will get over. One more unique thing about the game is that if you are able to make the 2048 tile then it doesn’t mean that game is finished. You can continue to make higher number of tiles like 4096, 8192, and 16384. At the end of the game, you can check you score.

2048 Game Over

Final Verdict:

As I have already said that 2048 is a highly addictive and brain storming game. I am playing this game for about 2 weeks and I can say that I am completely hooked to this game. If you are one of those who loves to do things that challenge the brain then this game is definitely for you. One more thing, if you ever play this game or had played this game then do tell me what is the maximum number of tiles you were able to reach. I have reached 512 number on the tile as of yet.

Get 2048 for iPhone free here.

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