Play Brain Storming Game On Android: Brain Genius Deluxe

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Brain Genius Deluxe is a free Android brain storming game to play puzzle game on Android. This Android brain storming game comes up with multiple exercises to perform on Android. All the exercises helps you to check your brains and wash it by completing the exercises repeatedly.

Update: (July 17, 2013) The app is no longer available. You can check out 5 free Sudoku apps for Android.

Exercises include observation exercise, memory exercise, calculations, and reasoning. The app increases the difficulty level of the exercises on the basis of the scores earned by playing daily exercises on Android.  The app even displays the graphical presentation of the improvement level on daily basis.

Brain Genius Deluxe

This Android brain storming game is very much like math maniac game and math game for Android. You can even play single exercises repeatedly with this Brain Genius Deluxe game. Sudoku is the best part of this Android brain storming game which I liked a lot. The exercises included in the game have junior level, master level and genius level.

Some Key Features Of This Android Brain Storming Game:

  • Comes up with multiple exercises which includes observation exercise, memory exercise, calculations, and reasoning.
  • Simple and easy to understand interface.
  • Game is smart enough to increase the difficulty level of the exercises.
  • You can play single exercises separately from the app.
    Brain Genius Deluxe App
  • Presents graphical presentation of the improvement level.
  • You can check out the statistics of all the players.
  • The game also includes Sudoku for Android.
    Brain Genius Deluxe App Sudoku
  • Check out exercise calendar from the app.
  • Check out top performers according to the points earned.
  • Sound on/off.

How To Play Brain Genius Deluxe Game On Android:

  • Download and install the game app on your Android phone.
  • Launch the game on your Android.
  • Follow the instructions to play.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to start solving the exercises on Android.
  • Solve the exercise and then check your scores for that particular exercise.

Install Brain Genius Deluxe Game:

Login to Google Play Store and then search for “Brain Genius Deluxe” game in Market. You can even scan the QR Code below with Barcode Scanner app to install the app directly on your Android phone. Tap on install button.

Brain Genius Deluxe QR Code

Brain Genius Deluxe game is very nice Android puzzle game to play on Android. Just brush up your brains and make your brains work like a computer by solving exercises instantly on your Android phone.

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Works With: Android 1.0 and up
Free/Paid: Free